Congratulations to all on a holiday winter day Perun! Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

33 of 7519 Beylet SMZH (from 10 to 11 January 2011) Winter Day Perun This is how it is said in the Vedas Festival: In ancient times God Perun freed from hell people. All who lured there by fraud and force, and gave them the opportunity to return to their homes. When people come out of hell, God Perun flunked the entrance to the Sunshine Caucasian mountains … but the Earth, in addition to people slipped out of hell and all ungodliness … freeing people gladly welcomed their home, and when they get home of declaring scum of it paid off gifts .

Since then, people celebrate the holiday of Change (now known as Christmas Carols). Part of people get up in the various monsters (mummers), depicting violence, and go home … To keep evil spirits (clowns) to the house and did not have in misery, give them to the verge of mercy, because of cookies, muffins and other goodies … getting them , evil spirits away, because although she loves all sweet and tasty, but can not stand the joy and happiness.

After the Feast of Change (Christmas Carols) people thought of those who did nevernulsya from hell … so the people began to celebrate the memory of ancestors week (Slavonic week consisted of 9 days). And as long as people remembered all his ancestors, the God Perun walked the Earth and destroy the evil … for nechest overeat sweet so profusely that she could not move. Nine circles had to Perun on Earth, one circle in the day to find and destroy all nechest …. and as mentioned in the Vedas, "and conquer zlyya forces drove into the ground his shining sword God Perun …" Since that time, people began to celebrate "Winter Day Perun" as a celebration of victory over evil … and pass nine laps svastichnomu maze called — Perun Way.

Alexander M. Obrovski:

SLOVAK SPELLS calling out to Perun

Slovaks are more people other Slavs have preserved their traditions feeling significance of Old Church god Perun. In their spells they called it as a force capable of certainly help them in a bad situation or personal insults another person, but above all, in the expression of extreme dissatisfaction. When they cry out to God as the bearer of this higher wisdom, vindicates and rewards them.
Adolf Peter Zaturetski (1873-1904) — teacher, writer and ethnographer — collected, processed and presented to the world an incredible wealth of Slovak folk wisdom. His "Slovak proverbs" are grouped into different themes, including a large part of them is mentioned Perun or some of the inherent attributes of his ministry to help personalize this deity, and by their nature they are all spells.

1. Thunder you take it!

2. Beat your thunder!

3. Smash your thunder!

4. Kill your thunder!

5. Stunned your thunder!

6. Smash your Perun!

7. Get in your thunder!

8. Thunder of your soul!

9. Thunder on your mother.

10. Get in your thunder (Perunova) boom!

11. Seven Gods of your mother!

12. Hundred gods of your mother!

13. Thousand Gods your mother!

14. Seven thunders on your soul!

15. Hundred thunders on your soul!

16. Thousand thunders on your soul!

17. Thousand thunders on your soul!

18. Seven thunders in your mother!

19. Hundred thunders in your mother!

20. Thousand thunders in your mother!

21. Hundred arrows into your soul!

22. A thousand arrows into your soul!

23. Hit the fucking hundred arrows!

24. Amaze your mother one thousand arrows!

25. Struck by lightning your mother!

These sayings can immediately notice that Perun immediately gave his name only one of them, but in different ways mentioned in each of the 25 spells. Otherwise it is marked for its characters — thunder boom or lightning. Meanwhile, the Slovak word Perun (numerical form the name of God: Parom, Pernu, Peraun, Peron, Prono, Proven, Prove, Piorun, Perkun, Perkunos, Perkunust … [2, 373]), and the sound are one and the same linguistic framework, which further enhances the value of the word Thunder: Perun-parom. When used the word "thunder» (Perun-parom), they tend to attribute it to the meaning of "God of Thunder."
Why Slovaks in their sworn appealed directly to Perun?
He, in many accounts of the chroniclers of the religious view of the world of the Slavs, was the second-ranking post in the hierarchy of gods Svarog and one embodiment of a light Slavic Trinity. Thus, in one of the legends Svarog directly charged him, Perun, protection earthly truth, the people and all life. [8] Perun, as the most powerful embodiment of masculinity, is high in the heavens, and their arrows do justice. In this respect, he reveals himself as the head of the family, clan, elder, punishing blows of the iniquity of celestial fire arrows. Therefore, the ancient Slavs called it even Kara and smashing [7, 4]. After all, the Indra of the Vedas, as the twin Perun, destroys his arrows seven cities demon winter [6, 76].

Note that Indra ruining seven cities and Slovak given spells too often cited figure is seven. If the numbers 100 and 1000 are likely to mean "a lot", the number seven is a very different function, being one of the most important traditions of the Slavs, as embodies the sacred meaning. Number seven points to the celestial powers as an expression of the will of the one who is in heaven and sends to earth] thunder boom or lightning. For this reason, the sanctuary dedicated to Perun, located on the highest mountains of the coast and as a manifestation of a person wants to be close to him to request and rendered homage to the deity, they were heard. Here are a few Slovak folk sayings, recorded by Jan Kolar that mention Perun [2, 381]. "If you want to get to Perun? '. "Why the Perun is it to you? '. "Perun you broke!". "Perun in you got!". "Perun pobral you!". "Perun thee thou shalt!". "Hit it Perun (thunder)!". "Perunova arrow." "Perunova wall." "Perun's thunder." "Perun's brilliance." "Perun ox." "Perun's way." "Perunova wine."

Serbs in such cases often say: "You want to get the hell? '. "Damn you! The devil damn thee, "and the like. Although we have a saying that "you slept Thunder," "One Hundred thunders at him" or "Thunder you take it" like Slovak appeals to Perun.
In his book "The Serbian mythology" Professor P. Sreten leads Slovak sayings as they recorded Hanusch [2, 381]. "Thunder on you!". "Thunder into your soul!". "If you Perun Perun lumbering — show your teeth!". "God Perun in the clouds!". "Hryastnulo his thunder in the forehead."
Besides the fact that Perun — the divine Conqueror, it being the great celestial warlord, fear and awe at the same time rewarding and executed. And Kolar, the book «Slawa Bohyne», writes that in Indra destructive force. It is only one of its faces. This kind of Indra as judges, called Puranas Dara [5, 297, 5, 357], and such an image to stand in relation to Perun. In the books of Professor. P. possible to find the statement that the epithet of Indra was Parjanya [2, 374] — a lightning city sparkle, crack …

Afanasiev [4, Volume 1, 128-129] sees him in this role as the embodiment of the angry sun and underscores the fact that the names of certain types of weapons (sling, slingshot) or verbs (pereshibat) describing celestial events associated with it are cognate with the word Perun.
Following this logic, from Slovakia, but the word parom-thunder, find and perej-waterfall (bring rain), pernik-(honey Kolachev), poradie — order, poradny-the suggested, poranit-injure, porazit-hit, porazka-failure, stroke , porezat-cut, porobit — work hard to accomplish, porubat-chop, whip, porucat-charge, poruchenie-damage, etc.

Given this, preserved to the present day commitment Slovaks mainly Perun as elder and arbiters, whose memory is preserved in the language of everyday speech and to this day, it becomes more clear and single Slavonic ancient custom in which all of our ancestors, in the case of the signing of important contracts or before the fight, to take an oath before the god of all — the main heavenly sudie.


Perun and Skiper — Beast.

PJeroen — the god of the princes and warriors. It stores the state foundations, maintain order in the universe, gives victory in battle.
According to ancient tradition, the birth of Perun and Svarog Mother Swa. He was born after his mother ate Swa Pike Rod. When Perun was born, thunder, earth tottered and collapsed mountain.

Then thunder resounded in the sky,
Then flashed lightning in the clouds
And come to light, like lightning,
Son of Svarog Perun the Thunderer!

When Perun was still an infant, the Russian land came Skiper-Beast.

That is not in the dust sprayed,
No mists rising from the sea,
Run out the herd beast
What an animal herd, oily.
Advance fled fierce Skiper-beast!

"The Book of Christmas Carols», V and

He is buried in a deep cellar bail and took his sisters live. Madder and Lelia. Three hundred years spent Perun in the dungeon. And three hundred years scored bird wings and called Mother Sva Svarozhich. Svarozhich gathered, turned in a magic bird Velez — a bird Sirin Horse — in Alcon, Stribog — a bird of strata.
They were looking around Perun wide world. Flew to Skiperu-beast and began to try to find him. Skiper-beast wanted to deceive them, but it did not work. Svarozhich by-Storm-horse found dungeon where Perun slept like the dead.
To wake Perun, it had to wash the water of life — Surya. And then asked Svarozhich magical bird Gamayun:
— You fly, Gamayun, to Riphean mountains of East Sea wide! As in those mountain ranges Rhipaean Mount on the Berezan you otyschesh well with Surya, which twined intoxicating hops! Bring out of the well of living water!
And Gamayun brought living water, and washed her Svarozhich Perun. And then give him drink honey Surya. Perun stood, straightened his shoulders. Warmed his red sun. Rain soak his sugar lips. Perun grinned, straightened golden mustache, bursting with warmth, shaking his silver beard, golden curls and said Svarozhich:

— I'm going to the beast-Skiperu, old friendships will repay him!

Feat Perun.

PJeroen asked for the blessing of the Lada-mother and went to the dark realm to Skiperu-beast. It is not easy to get in the darkness, because on the way there are gates.
Perun drove to the first gate. Way was blocked by dense impenetrable forest — it is rooted with indigenous thorn twist and weave with thorns.
But Perun threatened to Break the forest in small chips, because the forest parted. Then the path was blocked Perun swift rivers — there is a wave with a wave of converged on the banks of steep rocks fell. Do not go, do not pass Perun!
But Perun ordered river parted and they parted.
Perun then hit a tolkuchie mountains. Gorham Perun ordered rasshatnutsya. And the mountains rasshatnulis.
And then the way was blocked by Perun Magura — bird Indra. She sat on the twelve raw oak, and held in the grip of Miracle-Judaic-fish whale. She growled like an animal, hissed like snakes — all ant eats grass, azure flowers crumble and dark forests to land stoops.

However Perun was not scared bird Magura, he unslung his bow and shot an arrow shot to the right wing of a bird. Immediately the bird fell out of the nest and out of the way of Perun.
Perun went ahead and hit a monstrous snake. Those snakes fired Perun fire from the ears they brought down the smoke column. And those snakes grazed three shepherd — they were three sisters of Perun: Alive, Marin and Lola. They stole three hundred years ago Skiper-beast and turned into monsters: white skin is as spruce, bark, hair growing on them as feather grass.
Perun ordered the sisters to go to the Riphean mountains and dive into the milk river

in sour lake, in order to be cleansed from filth.

And he went to the palace Skipera. Perun ran for the House Skipera: the walls of the chambers of human bones, round the houses standing with skull fence. Skiper met his arrogant speech:
— I whole Podvselennoy king As I'll get to the post of heaven uhvachu damask ring, turn the entire Earth into a blue sky and the earth, I will mix with the heavenly!
But Perun was not afraid Skipera-beast ran at him and started stabbing spear. Very amazed Skiper-beast stared at his enormous eyes Perun:

— What is that wonderful miracle? You knight or heavenly god? I was born to die, wrote only of Perun Svarozhich, yes that Perun — in the damp earth.
A Perun replied:
— I got your sudden death! They began to fight and Perun Skiper-beast. Perun and overpowered and held it high Siper-beast, and then dropped it on Mother Earth. Earth gave way and swallowed Skipera. And then we filled up the valley Perun Caucasus mountains.

("Book of Christmas Carols», V 6)

Perun! Give heed that call upon thee! Nice and Trislaven Budi! Goodness Svetlago World Race dazhdi entire holy! Lick your lovely offspring waking! We instruct the deeds are good, gridnyam grant greater glory, courage. We turn away from the lesson bezputsva, our gift Rodham multitude, now and ever and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco art Thou, O Blessed tacos!

Perun! Hearken call upon thee! Nice and Trislaven wake! Health, bread and Rhoda, children of mine (names …) dazhdi, gromotvorenya waking! Reign over all! Vsche from home! Now and ever, and from the circle to the circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

The name of the Light, named Rhoda, the strength of his name! Thunderbolt sends goodness to call on it. And strength, hardness, and wrath, Give us Perun in battle. Thunder phenomena, whether inspired, will their waking. In the name of God Svarog Gray Give warrior force. Son and brother, friend and howl, will their waking. Now and ever, and from the circle to the circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

Glory II
Jeroen! Mnogomudromu the Light Our God!

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