Created a shoe that would send the owner home, where he may be

September 21, 2012 1:18

In east London, near popular with local hipsters Hoxton Square, on display shoes, boasting not only visually appealing, but also of particular practical value — they indicate the direction and distance to the owner to the house.

Line LED indicates the distance: closer to the green — closer to home, and the range of lamps indicates the direction of movement (photo Dominic Wilcox).

Shoes to help find a home owner, wherever he may be, are on display KK Outlet. KK Outlet — the agency that has its own showroom in London and specializes in original products, including the combination of clothing and technology.

Aptly dubbed the phrase No Place Like Home Shoes («Shoes There's no place like home"), derived from the famous children's story, the shoes will help the owner to return home, if he had been in an unfamiliar area.

Connection and charging via USB-port (photo Dominic Wilcox).

Left shoe is equipped with indicator light, reminiscent of a compass (it helps to navigate in space.) Right shoe "decorated" light line, which reflects the distance a person from the destination on the basis of hot / cold.

Contains graphic sole author, refers to the product of the American writer Frank Baum Lyme "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (photo Dominic Wilcox).

"The idea to produce such shoes came to me while attending a recent project on the use of technology in everyday life — Global Footprint, — says designer Dominic Wilcox (Dominic Wilcox). — I thought of the character of children's book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" — orphan Dorothy, who received the shoes, returning her home. "

Range of colors, particularly red footwear elements, on the idea that the author is to be associated with footwear orphan Dorothy (photo Dominic Wilcox).

According to the creator of unusual shoes in his creation, there is no magic — in shoes built GPS-navigator, which can be connected to a PC or laptop via a USB port and enter the coordinates of the destination (and also charges the battery.)

The process of creating unusual shoes (photo Dominic Wilcox).

Eugene Paramonov

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