Crystal glacial waterfalls Svalbard

December 4, 2012 9:01

Svalbard — one of the most beautiful place on earth, where the arctic cold formed a unique flora and fauna, and huge glaciers and crystal waterfalls fascinate anyone who is able to visit.

Svalbard (which translates as the northern coast) — is the most northern part of the Kingdom of Norway, the harsh climate quite confirms this. It is located about halfway between mainland Norway to the North Pole. Svalbard — the wonderful world of blue and white icebergs, crystal waterfalls, glaciers and fjords. It is a system of seven national parks, three nature reserves, located in the archipelago of Svalbard, and 15 bird sanctuaries.

In total, under the protection is more than 62 thousand square meters. m land, of which almost 60% of the area covered with glaciers. The basic concept, which acts on the territory of Svalbard — the protection of the unique nature of the archipelago from environmental pollution and the preservation of rare species of plants, birds and animals. You can not catch fish, touch the bird's nest, pluck flowers and even move large stones. Guests reserve should be extremely careful in no way harm the flora and fauna.

Despite such close proximity to the North Pole, the climate is quite mild in Svalbard. This is due to the fact that its shores are washed by the warm Gulf Stream. Temperature in winter is not below 15 degrees, and in summer the air can warm up to +5. At this time the coast of the island is carpeted green carpet of different herbs with colorful splashes of bright colors: purple kamnelomok, nezabudok blue, purple carnations and Svalbard poppies.

A unique feature of this extraordinary reserve — a very low content in the soil and air of different microbes, parasites and dust. In the polar summer light here around the clock, and because of the extraordinary transparency of the air at midnight sun shines brighter than at any point in Norway at noon. Winter sky over the archipelago ignited fires amazing northern lights, the beauty of which can not take his eyes.

The upper region of the steep cliffs of the reserve chosen gulls, puffins and guillemots. Just below the barnacle goose nest, skuas and eider. For the year to the archipelago fly hundreds of thousands of birds, which are more than 108 species of birds.

In addition to the birds, feeding on the coast of Svalbard are foxes, deer, seals, walruses, and killer whales. With warm over here come shoals of cod, herring, haddock and halibut. Not averse to hunt here and the main predator of the Arctic — the polar bear. It is home to a fifth of their population in the world.

Flight around Svalbard

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