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Today, the State Commission for the control of the preparation and conduct of entrance examinations given the results of centralized testing in all subjects. Students receive certificates. The results are analyzed, calculated mean scores.

Math average score — 21 points below the 20 tests passed 64.5%. In Physics GPA — 18, less than 20 points were 72%, a quarter — less than 10 points. Average scores on the Belarusian and Russian languages — 31. 20% of graduates have left the audience in 20-30 minutes after it got the job in mathematics and physics.

Director of the National Institute for the Control of knowledge Nicholas Feskov said that there are applicants who have received zero results.

581 people scored 0 points, 84 persons — 100.

"All the 581 people who scored 0 points. The Russian language — 7, the Belarusian language — 5, Physics — 104, Mathematics — 450, Biology — 2, English, History of Belarus — 6, Social Science — 6. Only 581 people. "

Compared with the previous year tests in general seemed worse. A teacher with 40 years experience Gregory sour says: One of the reasons — that the current program graduates of the last two classes were forced to go for the year:

"I think it is just a transition from 12 to 11 years of schooling was not entirely thought out, and today it produces results. And so in all subjects: in physics, mathematics. And last year, and today's graduates passed two years. "

In This year, students who received the 100-point results — 84 throughout the country. And last there were two sixth this year Belarusian language were the three highest scores in the last year — 122. Director of the National Institute for the Control of knowledge Nicholas Feskov rejected any suggestion that, say, in big cities and especially in the capital are taught better:

"Stabalniki — 84 people in all regions are represented. 35 — in Minsk, 7 — in the Minsk region, Brest — 12, Vitebsk — 3, Grodno — 11, Gomel and Mogilev — 8, only eighty-fourth in the rural areas — 2. The average score in both urban and rural identical, there is no significant difference between the mean score of urban and rural graduates. "

The number of those wishing to test the Belarusian language is reduced.

Applicants themselves, teachers argue that the test items were too complicated. Although the drafters of the tests insist that the tests do not go beyond the curriculum, because of the small number of hours on the study of specific topics, because of the abolition of specialized classes, high schools, where individual items have been studied more deeply, students learn the bad stuff.

Gregory sour"Indeed, there was a good system of school education, and those who wanted it opened up the opportunity to know the subject more deeply. Why it was canceled, I totally understand. We went from best to worst. This led to such results. "

And another disturbing trend: the number of those wishing to test the Belarusian language is reduced.

"According to biology — 6.82%, World History — 9.2%; geography — 4.86%, the history of Belarus — 42.92% in the Belarusian language, mathematics — 6.15%; social science — 2.02% Physical — 5.55%; chemistry — 5.84% in Belarusian handed. "

And the answer sheets will remain a mystery: applicants do not show them, to place on the internet is possible, but impractical, said Feskov.


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