Cuba frees 52 political prisoners

In the Cuban Embassy in Belarus has not yet commented release of 52 Cuban political prisoners.

The fact that the Cuban authorities are going to release some 52 political prisoners, representatives of the Catholic Church in Havana.

According to observers, the decision of the communist government of Cuba to release such a large group of prisoners of conscience — a major concession to the authorities, reports BBC.

It adopted after negotiations with the representatives of the Church and the Spanish government.

After the death of one of the political prisoners in a hunger strike in February, as well as posts that another prisoner is near death, the international community acted pressure on the government of Cuba, demanding the release of dissidents.

Official Havana has always denied that there are political prisoners in the country, and called them mercenaries, which the United States paid, seeking the overthrow of the Cuban government.

However, after the death in February Arlyanda Zapata Tomayo President of Cuba Raul Castro was forced to listen to harsh criticism from the international community.

The agreement for the release of political prisoners has been achieved as a result of negotiations between Raul Castro and the head of the Catholic Church in Cuba, Cardinal Jaime Ortega. The talks were also attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Miguel Moratinos and his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez.



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