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Many people think that the Slavs exaggerate when they talk about provocation and provocateur. Go to this forum and as information for yourself read what they write and what to call. Notice that no one is to bring them to criminal or administrative liability. At the Court of the Slavic community sites.

Objectives antifa movement

Extermination program of Russian and other Slavic — as antisocial elements generating fascism, for the reason that every Slav and a representative of any other white ethnicity — is a pathological natsionistom / fascist. The program is a strategic action against fascism, adopted by the anti-fascist Zionist Congress in the fight against fascism.

I. Retention of power.

1. Capturing media.
2. In power should have the name and appearance of local goyim (non-Jews).
3. Director may be goy, but at least one of his deputies to be one of us.
4. Prevent government workers.
5. Provide support staff control, distribution and suppression.
6. Mason, who left a mark on the use of drugs or in the operations, commits suicide or is removed.
7. Ensure the establishment and maintenance of the structure of social cleansing, decapitation goyim held as planned, regardless of the activity.

II. Ideology

1. Media, literature, and art used to show the benefits of capitalism over socialism.
2. From the point of approval of the existence of anti-Semitism can be suppressed by the goyim.
3. Disarmament of paganism, the introduction of religion to rally, like sheep to the principles of slavery, occupation and assimilation of the Slavs have to go with the increase.
4. Only act on behalf of the people and for the people, only good intentions and wishes — you can say all ..
5. Prevent the spread of Goiskoye cries, "Zuckerman in Birobidzhan," "Assassins, Jews to the answer," "Zionism, stand up — the court is," etc.
6. Prevent the dissemination of leaflets, appeals, appeals and applications gentiles: "the hat to the Russian armor." "Genocide can only stop genocide."

III. Denationalization

1. Continue mixing of races under the guise of internationalism.
2. Use all means to a comprehensive national depersonalization goyim.
3. Under the guise of nationalism and chauvinism to destroy all the nation.
4. Ensure universal organization and management Russophobia (destruction of the entire Russian by any means).
5. Prevent the spread of Slavic paganism, declare that religion fascist.
6. Attach Slavic religion of slaves, in Orthodoxy does not allow any liberties and freedom.
7. Do not give the goyim in the passport to establish column — "race" and for the elimination of the column "nationality."
8. Prevent the establishment of the status of the indigenous Russian population and others of heresy for the revival of their nation and culture
9. Prevent the creation of a center of Russian national culture.

IV. Elimination of freedom and activity goyim

1. To fill your spetspsihlechebnitsy, prisons, hospitals, special schools, disciplinary battalions spetsPTU.
2. Avoid creating intelligence schools goyim, not union goyim into the herd — to manage something, we will, and consolidating them in joint operations, providing them an invincible position, and put them into the hands of an ideological weapon, the creation of management science Jews, coordinating, advisory boards, methods of rapid exchange information from the notification method, yield out of our control of national organizations, fascism and nationalism in any form, gathering Gentiles telephone number or address of the Jews, the creation of methods of struggle against Zionism.
3. Distract the goyim to anything, change control agents, all our actions must be flexible and compelling, discredit and split the enemy, make him make up for us and be with us, behead, to fire on the headquarters, disrupt the enemy with people.
4. Hinder the creation of works against us, "What", "What to do", "map for directions", "Leaders of the Slavs", "How to attract people and fight for the audience."
5. CSO should not recognize members of secret societies or Zionists, or Jews or half-Jews or Jewish quarter, nothing to do with us, do not take into account what is said about suicides Russian

V. Inhibition of the development of the goyim

1. Necessary to support poverty and powerlessness Goiskoye cattle.
2. Arrested Development goyim ensure our environment and the management of development in the right direction.
3. The music, which has narcotic properties, often turn to the goyim, brainwash, difficult to find and establish control over certain musical sounds, erase deep informa ¬ tion.
4. Slave from the Goyim should be all: food, religion, ideology, science, attitude toward us, weapons, protective equipment, ways of being, the media, education, occupation, social status, housing and culture.
5. In cultureless cattle, sleepy, inactive and obese pigs turn Gentile slave food and its method of use. The blood of a goy should be acidic, not alkaline.
6. Create and maintain superior Goiskoye cattle, beat on the weak points and the key centers of the goyim, a rapid transition to a decisive stage in the mastery of the world and full submission goyim our international government.

VI. Destruction of the enemy as a humane form of assimilation, genocide

1.Iudaizm, Zionism, World Jewish nation and a world government is not organically accept the creation and existence of the Slavic family and now need to try and in a short time to assimilate a lot of other peoples Slavic girls.
2. Use sex as directed, and to strengthen the family of course we can, but only for debauchery of youth, spread of sexual perversions, increasing conflict and divorce on the grounds and in the amount of drawdown goev.
3. In no case did not allow the establishment of any benefit or remuneration for the production of the beautiful children and have a high degree of purity of the Slavic national couples.
4. To enhance the effect of assimilating should not abandon old ideas of castration of the goyim.

Vll. Bringing and maintaining the goyim in the atmosphere of poverty and powerlessness.

1.Sredny Russian should always be poor and powerless facing many inconveniences everywhere and everyday bureaucratic slingshots.
2. Widespread poverty should generate massive lack of culture, and it should generate a massive crime.
3. Delete the return of Russian equality, independence, freedom, mlrd.zolotom.

VIll. Mass mental debilitation of the goyim.

1. Greatly demoralized enemy when he sees that all that is going on around him, lying, sabotage and looting.
2. Education to the goyim must prepare a moral monster.
3. Action Scheme should be on a single plan, developed by the government.
4. Valuable soldering alcohol probably did not now. Interfere with a gradual reduction in degree of alcoholic beverages.

lX. Battle psychotropic medications that alter a person's psyche.

1. Causing blackouts for several hours or more.
2. Having purely narcotic properties.
3. Restricting certain classes of human interest.
4. Reinforcing the craving for alcohol.
5. Programmed to murder or suicide.
6. Male and female agents of sexual activity, leading to sexual perversions.

X. Methods slacked off enough mass goyim.

1. Departing from a residence on the floor pouring goyim mercury, leaving the baths do not have circumcision in doubles readability soapy water.
2. Weapons of mass destruction must be provided in the cooking shops, dining or just in places where the goyim.
3. Russia must turn to the process dump of the most developed countries.

XI. Reducing the number of non-Jews to a reasonable level disguised genocide secret unilateral war.

1. Continue the extermination of Slavic gentiles taking "a peculiar Russian demographic decline."
2. Continued reductions in the Slav goyim 3 times during the generation of the Judeo-Masonic receiving "benefits for single mothers."
3. Poor reception varies "aging of the nation", leaving alive only incapable of resistance.
4. If you work with the mind, from the Russian gentiles can be ended by 1992.

XII. Reducing the number of open forms of genocide gentiles.

1. Make it impossible to create large families of Russian.
2. Maintain a high infant mortality rate of the Slavs and the lack of it from the Jews.
3. Maintain a high mortality Slavic boys and girls.
4. Do not underestimate and overestimate the Russian period, allowed to marry.
5. Bydlovskih strongly pitting men and women and destroy their families.
6. Develop new laws (ekodemograficheskie war) to eliminate Goiskoye masses without military machine, with no material sam ¬ rat on her, hunger and impoverishment of slaves.
7. The unrest and use the army, the security forces and the law to clean up a small percentage reduction ¬ of the goyim.

XIII. Destroying enemy controlled medicine.

1. Maintain a sufficient number of pregnant teenagers, barren women from abortion, "casual" miscarriages, premature births ¬ ables, stillbirth, postpartum complications.
2. Sabotage must care for pregnant women, newly born cattle and women after pregnancy and prevent the establishment of real measures to protect mothers and children.
3. Inhibit preventive medicine and to do everything to the life expectancy of the goyim have been declining.
4. During treatment or tooth extraction should be dirty or essential substance.
5. During the time of any change of cancer pain ¬ tive health.
6. The use of drugs with the chemical composition of drugs and non-medicinal properties that previously irradiated, frost, etc., by ambulance staff and clinicians.
7. Typically, the duration poisoning in small doses.
8. During shooting fluorography, the strength and the time of exposure.

HIV.Deystviya through controlled media.

1. Stable orientation media Russophobia.
2. Announcement of patriotic and nationalist movements goyim fascist, nationalist, chauvinist, pogroms and conservative, defamation, name calling, slander.

XV. Widespread and routine mocking the enemy.

1. On Slavic gentiles can mock anyone and anything you like. In the position of artificial irresponsibility our names will always be kept secret.
2. Widespread actions led to a suicide, heart attacks, stroke, fainting, and other states of the enemy through rudeness, arrogance, bullying, humiliation, abuse and impunity we, other members of secret societies and shabez-goyim must be massive.

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