Customs Union: economic or geopolitical choice?

Listen to the Company's transfer on Sunday, with 18-hours.

And now offer fragments of transmission.

Dynko: If the union of two of Belarus had a voice, could block the adoption of any decision, the customs union created three majority of Russian and Kazakhstan that have the same type of economy. … What is the benefit that the inclusion of Belarus in the "Russian world"? In the zone of influence of Russia there is no democracy.

Sheremet: Regimes in Russia and Kazakhstan are far from Europe, but they can not be compared with those of totalitarianism that exists in Belarus. And economic regimes in Russia and Kazakhstan are much more liberal than in Belarus …. The Customs Union sets equal, clear rules of the game. In order to avoid situations with either smuggled sugar from Brazil through Belarus, neither the Polish meat, nor with the Chinese milk powder.

Ivashkevich: The Customs Code of the Union a more progressive, than Belarus, creates greater incentives for investment. But for the current Belarusian regime liberalization business even in this format is the short-term threat, as a private business that competes with clumsy giant state-owned industries.

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