Customs Union: No piece of paper — there is no law

From Tuesday's Customs Code of the Customs Union "troika" in force on the territory of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. The relevant decision is enshrined in the joint statement of heads of state — the Customs Union on July 5 in Astana. Thus, Belarus acceded to the agreements, which operate on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan from July 1.

According to the Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov, "Made a very big step forward with respect to the fact that the goods will move freely in the territory of the Customs Union. This will create conditions to attract additional investment to the country. We get a market of 170 million people. "

On He said, "If still on the Belarusian-Russian border, the Russian authorities to customs clearance and control of goods from third countries on more than 11 thousand 700 positions, then today will be controlled only a few dozen types of goods for which an exemption from the operation mode common customs territory of the Customs Union. " What got into these "dozens of positions", the authorities are not reported. We only know that the quotes were petroleum and petroleum products, motor vehicles for private individuals, the production aircraft.

Meanwhile, the Central Customs Directorate Russia "Freedom" reported that

Official documents from Belarus to join the Customs Union in Moscow has not received yet.

official documents from Belarus to join the Customs Union in Moscow has not received yet:

"The fact that on July 1 in Kazakhstan Customs Union, we had a Teletype Federal Customs Service of Russia. In theory, the same should be Teletype and against Belarus. But our president declared accession of Belarus, and so on 6 July as the rules would apply to Belarus. But you know our lives: no paper — no law, there is a piece of paper — please. "

Deputy Chairman of the International Committee of the House of Representatives Igor Karpenko at the same time head of the commission trade policy and international cooperation Interparliamentary Assembly of the Eurasian Economic Community. He led the formation of the Customs Union issues at the parliamentary level. Mr. Karpenko, in a conversation with the "freedom" notes:

"We really understand that Belarus because of its economic structure has to be integrated. We must look for ways to promote our products. And the Customs Union shall create the conditions are met. At the same time, however, there are differences that we did not quite suit you. This — the duty on crude oil and petroleum products. As part of the agreements that already exist, all issues should be resolved within the framework of the negotiation process at different levels. Including at the level of heads of state. In principle, and was. Of course, we did not get everything we wanted to, but there is still some progress. "

Economist Michael Zaleski says, believes that the Union "troika" really started today, it would be hasty:

"It's not so quickly done. Thus, the presidents signed the documents. But those people who work at the borders, enterprises are not guided by the constitutions and codes, and regulations. And so now we need to synchronize the instructions throughout the Euro-Asia, that all work the same way. But if the Russians have little more in common electronic documents and pass through, then this is not a Kazakh. "


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