Defense Ministry will receive the new «Dragon Snake»

Defense Ministry will receive the new
Ministry of Defence in 2014 expects to receive the first installation of remote clearance UR-07M development Research Engineering Institute in the town of Balashikha Rubtsovskoe and engineering plant. Brand new machine should change the famous UR-77, which the military dubbed «Dragon Snakes» for the implementation of the principle.

The composition of the newest installation comes chassis based on the BMP-3, also launcher with extended clearance charge SLM-O6-06D and probes that are capable of punching a lane through minefields at a distance of 340 m to 1 km wide in a few 10’s of meters. With all this new charge will be able to fight with all types of mines.

— Charge clearance — this very long rope attached to it with an explosive charge. Cable attached to the rocket launcher, which pulls him along on hundreds of meters. After the shot rope with explosives falls to the ground, the charges detonate and destroy mines within a few meters. As a result, for a few seconds in a minefield appears a harmless «corridor» through which can pass not only the infantry, and appliances. Sappers laying on such day pass required, — explained the «Izvestia» officer who participated in the trial of SD-07M.

According to him, at the moment the military documents elaborate and agree on the inclusion of machines in state defense order for 2014. The number of cars that go to the troops is an unknown quantity — Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Sapper officer who participated in trials of SD-07 told «Izvestia» that SD-77 is aimed at fighting only with anti-tank mines, while only by ordinary fuses. Anti-seismic also double fuse mines were too tough for him.

In SD-07 charges with the newest form stronger explosives. Part of it is detonated mines, and those that are protected from detonation explosion throws the blast zone for border passage.

On Rubtsovsky engineering plant and equipment at the Research Institute of Engineering «News» said that brand new car clearance ready for serial production.

Independent military expert Alexei Khlopotov explained «Izvestia» that «Dragon Snakes» is much needed in the armed forces, as they allow to fight the most severe danger of passive — minefields.

— This machine is needed for large sverhtehnologichny war, when the enemy can remotely aircraft or artillery at one point put minefields. For frisky passage minefields better means until invented — said hassle.

At the same time, the chief editor of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Victor Murakhovski believes that SD-07 can only be used in open terrain and virtually useless on the roads and in populated Fri

— Terrorists with whom we are currently in the main fight, put on the roads or single bombs in towns if defuse such tabs using SD, there will be more damage than from the mine explosion. Here are needed engineers and ordinary mine trawls — said Murakhovski.

Remote clearance charges first appeared in the U.S. Army in the years of the second world war. Their intensively used in Vietnam, Iraq in 1991. However, already in 2003 the U.S. Army in Iraq from using them refused, even though they were part of the advancing troops.

At the moment, there are similar installations in parks all NATO nations. First Russian remote installation clearance UR-67 entered service in 1968.

Alexei Mikhailov

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