Defense of India has announced a tender for the supply of missile and gun systems

Defense of India has announced a tender for the supply of missile and gun systems
Indian Ministry of Defence has announced a tender for the supply of 104 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems for the Army, reports Defense News.
New systems planned to change the outdated anti-aircraft missile complexes «Square» Russian production. As expected, the favorite of the competition will receive the contract price very little of $ 1.6 billion
Initially scheduled to consider the proposals of public companies. According to the publication, the first time the role of the defense were invited to tender for private office. With all of this before, none of the individual Indian companies never engaged in the development or creation of anti-aircraft missile and gun systems.
Participate in the competition allowed firms in partnership with foreign companies. It is believed that through this Indian private sector will be able to adopt a number of fundamental defense technologies.
Among private companies that received an invitation to the role of the competition:
Bharat Electronics
Larsen & Toubro
Tata Power SED
Punj Lloyd
Bharat Forge
They previously worked with the Indian Ministry of Defense, but the purchase of their products was done under contract agreements with large municipal utilities, first, by the defense research and development (DRDO).

Outdated SAM «Square» Russian production
The foreign company received an invitation:
Polish Bumar
South American General Dynamics
French Thales
South Korea’s Doosan Group
Israeli IAI Elta and
Under the terms of the agreement the finish, the favorite will have to not only put the Indian Army anti-aircraft systems, but also 4.9 172.3 thousand missiles and thousands of shells for them. In addition, will be provided and the transfer of technologies used in the complexes.
According to the contest, rocket and cannon installation must be mounted on a mobile chassis highest patency. The system should be able to be induced and fire aerial targets with the introduction of radar fire control system or without it.
Range for firing cannon armament should not be less than 2.5 kilometers, and for rocket — over 6 km. Visibility of the new radar air defense missile-gun complex designed for the detection, acquisition and tracking purposes, should be 360 ​​degrees.

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