Demons at number 9

A nightmare that continues to this day, have had Christmas parties for residents of one of the village houses in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Keeps them at bay poltergeist. The rooms flying furniture, crockery beats, and the owners are not bruised.

Get and NTV correspondent Tatiana Panihinoy when she tried to look into the parallel reality.

All New Year tenants in Krasnoyarsk suburbs every day endure the garbage. Broken crockery and furniture, Christmas decorations and pieces of ceramic tile, a whole heap of damaged clothing — all the things destroyed something mysterious. According to the owners, subjects spontaneously fly around the apartment, the village creep incredible rumors about a haunted house.

Natalia Skakunova: "They were engaged in something — guessing. Now this period is, divination. It is possible that something caused it. Cause something called a while back they put it could not. "

The house is really all upside down: the walls and doors of the dents. Hostess ,72-year-old retiree, covered in bruises and scratches. Woman exhausted by sleepless nights. Said that she was tired of the annoying attention of journalists and villagers, but the talk of her own madness hear too unbearable. Therefore Lyudmila Samsonov agreed to tell their trouble, only the name of the family has asked to change.

Ludmila, the victim: "Fly chandeliers, tore it from the fireplace tiles, two tank broke. The whole crystal, all beaten. Beats me, I do not admit to the child, like a real man. "

Miracles, says Samson, began in New Year's Eve and continues to this day. Today, for example, failed torn lining sofa. All foreign owners of silhouettes and voices is not seen and not heard. Everything happens at once.

The house is really something strange is going on: a small bruise on my cheek that explicit confirmation. NTV Group already finished work in the house, the camera was turned off, and the moment when we said goodbye to the hostess and her granddaughter in the hallway, my mind got lighter.

Desperate residents appealed for help to the police. According to the district, with him in the apartment objects do not fly, but the scale of destruction had the examination record the scene.

On the advice of the police, the owners turned to psychics, rescue workers and clergy. The priest sprinkled holy water on an apartment, christened all members of the family, but hell is going on.

Expert on the paranormal Yuri Labin is not the first explores the inexplicable. He is confident that the event is associated with the 11-year old granddaughter Samsonov. Pogroms always happen when she is at home. In the absence of the child is quiet.

Yuri Labin, a researcher of anomalous phenomena: "The man has a very strong negative energy. Or hurt him, or something happened to him, that the man took a huge explosion of negative energy. "

In the affected family also came to the conclusion that the poltergeist is somehow related to the girl. Oddities occur only where there is a child. By the way, the teenager was around when I suddenly landed in a lighter. Parents fear for the health of the child and assure them that such a famous family is not needed. Girl hidden from prying eyes.

Irina, mother girls: "More crafted show. That almost child flies on a broom, but this was not. This extra charges against the child. "

A clear picture of what is still going on at number 9, not so far. Direct evidence of a supernatural entity could not be found. A few hours in the house were working hidden cameras, but nothing strange technique is not fixed.

Samsonov's family has offered to help the leading edge of the psychiatrists. Only after a full examination doctors will be able to say it: mysticism or a hoax.

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