Description of the Tabernacle

Inside the tent was dark, no windows in it was not, and the only source of light, and then only in the front part of it fenced off the veil from the back of the lamp was seven lamps with olive oil. Probably, this shade in the inner sanctum has been programmed for it is in this room, as the Bible, appeared in the "fiery cloud" image of God, with which "came into contact" Moses.

Around the tabernacle was located concentrically around her fence rectangular (50×100 elbows), consisting of 60 high pillars, five cubits each, that is half the height than the very pillars of the Tabernacle. Pillars of the fence stood at a distance of 3.5 cubits from each other (while the pillars of the tabernacle itself were divided into intervals of 0.5 cubits). Pillars of the Tabernacle were made of the same acacia wood overlaid with silver and mounted on copper sockets, which is hung on the curtain fabric.

From the east belonged to the court of the tabernacle so-called entrance to the courtyard — a rectangle formed by the six pillars up to 15 cubits from north and south, and four — 20 cubits from the east. Pillars of the entrance was lined with silver, stood in sockets of copper, which is hung on the curtain fabric.


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