Disaster victims in Poland are two people

Disaster victims in Poland are two people.  Photo: www.chaspik.spb.ruTwo people were killed in the storm collapsed on Poland, reports News. Ru. According to the spokesman of the main fire commander Paul Frontchaka country, one of the victims of elements was 30-year-old man, who had fallen on broken tree. The second was a young man who died 16 years, fell during a storm from the roof of the house. Arrived on the scene, an ambulance was unable to save the teenager.
Storm with heavy rains and squally winds came to Poland from Belgium, where the day before was the cause of death of five members of the rock festival, which struck the fallen wind sheds scenes, billboards and video screens, reports ITAR-TASS.
Greatest destruction recorded in the central part of Poland. Rescue workers and firefighters received more than 200 calls from the broken roofs, felled trees and crumpled cars.






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