Disease — a reflection of the stress and anxiety

November 27, 2011 12:56

Any of our experience — resentment, anger, distress, joy — is displayed in the form of changes in the body.
Stooped posture, muscle clamps, habitual inclination of the head, shoulders or hips sag — traces of trauma and experiences.
Attention to the body, to his posture, helps in many situations.

Here's an example: you have to make an important call. If you sit on the edge of a chair with minimal support and strained legs, and his voice will be shaky notes, you'll sound awkward, slipping into the begging tone.

If you call before that tight booty of all, sitting on a chair, put both feet on the floor, barely breathe, you will have a calm, confident tone, which will create a certain mood of the interlocutor. And even if this time you are denied something important to you, from such a "weighty" position survived the crash will be easier.

Body — the map of our lives

There is a verified system, in which each part of the body corresponds to our common human functions. If the dividing line along the spine and divide the body into left and right halves, right will be responsible for our social contacts, social life, reflect our interpersonal interactions. Left half — our feelings and emotions and ideas about yourself, the inner life.

Conduct an experiment — hold on one foot. On which foot you simply keep the balance? If on the right — you are a good balance with the environment. If on the left — you have today harmony with their feelings. If the balance of the problem — need to calm down, breathe slowly, firmly seated on a chair, and try again …

Why in the body appear clamps and muscle imbalances?

Because civilization forces us to suppress our natural response to stress. If the animal is afraid that it does? Escapes. And if you angry? Attacks. And we?

Boss yelling at us, and we are out of habit, her head down, shifting from foot to foot — at best! — And patiently waiting for the execution to be released. In this case, we have either a lump in the throat or stomach cramps. We're tight. Constrained. And then — a headache, constipation, cough … All of this — the reaction to stress.

What to do? If from this tyrant depends financially? Or career? Position in the company? And you can not stand up for themselves? I was in such cases supports child thing — guys back or in your pocket … On the one hand — that's you! On the other — when they yell at us, and we sincerely worry — we do Orun feed. His fear, helplessness. And guys — Magic Castle — try, bit off!

And, of course, when more or less at peace, it makes sense to try to figure out how we really did depend on the frightening, humiliating us bosses, husbands, lovers, etc. Indeed, our understanding of the threats is often excessive. Fear — far-fetched.

Highly recommend contact or after a traumatic event to move. Take deep breaths. If strongly angry, good to still roar somewhere in nature — but it is possible. Reach home fast step, canceling today minibus. Shut in a room and beat-kick pad. Throw out the hurt and anger to something inanimate. Otherwise, it may in fact get all you know — it is necessary to put it somewhere … or backfire some ailments.

Unfortunately, in the culture of our generation made the body either scold or ignore his needs and requirements. Glad if you truly love yourself, filled with gratitude to your body and support him always. However, the experience of most other …

As we usually look at yourself in the mirror? Closely as a guilty, does not justify our expectations and hopes. Offending stretching the hips, pleats at the waist, wrinkles around the eyes … Everything continue to refuse!

Psychologists often carry out surveys of women, which makes it clear that most of us appreciate their appearance is much worse than they look in reality. But the body — the home of our hearts and souls, the most accessible source of pleasure for us!

I own this life sin … Once born this exercise: every morning, no matter what the mirror shows, smile to yourself and say, "Hello, beautiful!"Of course, she started to do it every morning, and the group then responded that morning, started with this greeting is more fun … and quietly, day after day, added to the positive in the decision itself …

And how do you thank your legs idea of what they are supporting you all your life?

Hand — for the fact that so many things are necessary and useful know how?

Stomach — for the fact that gave birth to your children?

Ass — for the fact that it is so convenient to sit?

Neck — for the fact that it can so proudly carry your head? You can still go on.

And even if the body fails us sometimes, is ill, refuses to comply with an obsessive overwork or standards, be lenient to him. Try to hear what it's trying to warn you, protesting against what their signals.

Talk with your body, listen to their needs, cuddle him scented bath, fragrant cream, pretty new clothes. And it responds. Will give you a new tone muscles, ready to serve you faithfully …

Irina Lopatukhin

Effects of stress on appearance and health

Throughout life, each of us is faced with problems and difficult situations causing considerable stress.

Stress — physical and mental reaction rights to those events which impair his mental balance. Stress triggers a cascade of biological changes in the body. It should be the person to feel danger, as a small part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which releases the stress hormone adrenaline.

Stress can not be considered entirely negative because it allows us to be on our toes in critical situations, such as Abraham at work or exams.

This reaction of the organism to the environment helped our ancestors survive in the Stone Age, when their life was in danger every day.

But in modern society stress — it is rather a reaction to psychological than psychological threat, requiring no fight or flight. Such as caring for a chronically ill child or an exam in the SAI. For there is no difference between the body involving all hands at work and escape from a saber-toothed tiger.

The stress manifests itself in different chronic diseases. Stress causes shortness of breath, chest tightness, adversely affect the heart. People with high blood pressure and atherosclerosis high risk of heart attack. Constant stress mercilessly beaten on the endocrine system, causing a malfunction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and ovaries. Cause diseases such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, various mastitis, fibroadenoma and breast cysts, ovarian cysts, and even infertility.

Stress affects the skin condition and is a major cause of acne in adults (of acne), which leads to even more distress. Scientists conducted a study that found that acne is more common in people exposed to stress. Watching a group of students, scientists noticed that their skin condition worsens during examinations. This study confirms that chronic stress can aggravate acne.

Potential causes of stress very individual. What you may find the situation stressful, depends on many factors, including the characteristics of your personality, outlook on life, problem solving, and the level of social support. What causes stress in one person, not only did not bother the other, but he may like. For example, if you're worried that will get stuck in traffic on the way to and from work late, the road is sure to delight. But if you have enough time, you can drive the car and enjoy the pleasant music.

Stress can be caused not only by negative events in our lives, but also positive, such as a wedding or holiday.

To cope with stress, must be able to recognize it. The influence of stress on the body is very versatile and is associated with physiological changes. Specific signs and symptoms of stress vary widely from person to person. Some people are primarily physical symptoms such as back pain, stomach problems and skin rashes. Other causes emotional stress symptoms, such as crying and hypersensitivity. Either way, the changes in behavior and well-being are felt.

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