Dmitry Rogozin announced the establishment of a laboratory combat robots

Dmitry Rogozin announced the establishment of a laboratory combat robots
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia will be created in a laboratory for the development of combat robotics, transfers RBC. Innovative enterprise will be located in the Vladimir region in the town Carpet at the plant named VA Degtyarev.

Rogozin said that the decision was made by members of the Military-Industrial Commission, representatives of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Industry. The project is planned to implement in the framework of public-private partnership. But Deputy Prime Minister did not specify which non-state companies will directly participate in its implementation. With all this, he noted that the laboratory — is a high-risk venture. But in the case of the creation of a qualitatively new models mechanized combat systems, the risk is justified sure Rogozin.

Statement by Vice-Premier was made during a visit Kovrov VA Degtyarev Plant named. Rogozin looked standards combat robotics and precision guidance systems. Their main developer is the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute «Signal».

Even in the midst of May this year Rogozin announced work on the creation of robotic machines for the evacuation of wounded from the place of the attacks, also neutralize enemy forces. In late May, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed dissatisfaction retardation Russian drones also terrestrial mechanized complexes.

Since 2012, the Fund operates in Russia promising research that is subject to the Government and the Ministry of Defence. The Fund invests in high-risk research and technological development in the area of ​​military affairs. First, this mechanized system, aerospace defense and hypersonic technology.

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