Drones: China spreads its wings

Drones: China spreads its wings
Second half of March zabugornyh media marked by a series of publications devoted to unmanned aircraft in China. At the same time, in almost all cases, the titles of articles resemble panic cries: «drones occupy a central place in the arms race between China and Japan,» «China threat drones — the latest indicator of the global arms race,» «Chinese UAV swarms throw challenge American power» ; etc. Certainly, China is developing rapidly and begins to use unmanned aircraft, and although technical and application-level U.S. or Israel Asian heavyweight still far away, the topic is getting hotter and hotter.

China looking for is applying UAVs to monitor the border with North Korea, the disputed islands in the East China Sea, South China Sea, also in 2012, plans were announced by the likely use of drones for the destruction of China’s opponents outside the country (as is done USA), and more specifically — in Burma and Laos. Refers to the elimination of drug traffickers and fugitives, namely the well-known drug lord and kidnapper But Kham, who with his own band in 2011 killed 13 Chinese fishermen who refused to pay tribute to the Mekong River. But eventually, after a special operation Kham taken alive (this capture in Asia associated with the operation of the United States to eliminate Osama bin Laden in Pakistan) and successfully executed the first of March this year in China, showing the process of preparing televised executions. Maybe that China in Burma will also use UAVs to guard the pipeline.

Chinese Air Force UAVs are already based in the provinces of Fuzhou, Fujian and Guangdong and build two coastal UAV base in Liaoning. Chinese satellite navigation system «Beidou» (16 units) will also intensively to expand its use of drones. Besides the military departments in China deploys its fleet and UAV Municipal Oceanic Administration, which announced plans to develop UAV 11 bases along the coast of China.

Chinese engineers are currently working in some places over 25 models of UAVs, including percussion, the third part of which will go into mass production.

UAV fleet itself in China doubled just only for the year, while the domestic market of civilian drones already estimated at several billion yuan. In general, China is not limited to domestic needs, and tries to enter the world market. Military drones have already been sold to Pakistan and the UAE, Chinese UAV interested in Kazakhstan, and the cost of machines allows China to occupy a niche in those markets where the country can not allow yourself to get expensive South American or Israeli UAV or they are not allowed to purchase drones for political reasons.

Because the main danger of Chinese UAV less hysterical Western experts behold the military is not in their application against the United States or the country of the rising sun, and filling in the uncontrolled market Third World countless swarms a cheap Chinese drones very different purpose.

Oil in the fire poured sensational posted on March 11, a report of the Institute of «Project 2049», the Washington-based «think tank» and dealing with issues in Asia and the Pacific. The report was made by professionals of the Institute focused on the fact that China will soon be able to do damage to the U.S. Navy, and in particular aircraft carriers and naval bases, using a huge amount of their own UAV, which, in case of an attack wave after wave vskroyut air defense system, hurl missiles and air strikes on the Yankees.

According to the views of the creators of the report, China has naikrupneyshim and more encompassing programm military UAV development in the world, that is a direct threat of military power and U.S. security.

The report focuses on a Yankees universities, institutes, research companies, aerospace corporations, their managers and the whole productive resources of China, which enable the country to produce a breakthrough in the development, design, manufacture and deployment of UAVs.

Drones China in the near future will be able to fly and operate in a single swarm build aerial refueling, make autonomous takeoffs and landings, engage in electronic warfare, direct ballistic missiles, etc.

Special fear, for obvious reasons, is the Yankees Chinese designers work on a longish-range UAV acts that fail to strike naikrupneyshim strategic U.S. military base in the Pacific on Guam, not to mention the bases in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mid-2011 estimated the number of speakers of military UAV operating in China in 280 units. Of course, that within two years of the UAV fleet in China has increased significantly. Specialists in the absence of data does not even try to imagine the number of cars in the current fleet of UAVs China. One thing is clear — China will increase its presence in the Pacific, expand the boundaries of their presence, use UAV outside its territory and strengthen its superpower status.

Midst of measures to combat the danger of Chinese UAV is proposed to strengthen missile defense and air defense system the United States and its allies in the region, strengthen unit for electronic warfare and cyber warfare, to ensure each aircraft in the region of an underground hangar, make special teams Hassle-free rehabilitation of runways, to make new South American base, spread them out on the islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Fascinating and creators report notes that while not at all clear how actions can develop and how the country will respond to dot combat use UAV. In fact, though what use can be attributed to technological problem, glitch in the system, «operator error» and even intercepting UAV crackers third party, and thus avoid declaring all-out war between the countries. Due to the diverse probable reaction to such actions, there is a chance that such «accidental» UAV strikes may become a new kind of low intensity war in the future, and specifically the role of UAVs in war and in politics will increase rapidly.

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