Dublin may have cracked the secret of perpetual motion?


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Inventor has developed an Irishman, as he claims, a car that claims to change the world. 58-year-old electrical engineer, who wished to keep his identity a secret "to avoid bad publicity," spent 23 year working on Jasker Power System. This is an electromechanical device that is capable, in his words, to make up their own source of energy. The Irishman is not the first to make such statements. The Internet is full of talk about the gratuitous (zero point) energy problem which many supposedly decided by magnets, coils and even crystals. The creators Jasker (the name — derived from the names) claim that the device can be produced in mass quantities with the use of ready-made components and nourish it from any motor. Tom Hedrick (Tom Hedrick), the only one who has to do with making machine, want to give his name, — the general director of the company, established for the purpose of licensing the device in the United States. The technology, he says, undermines the usual laws of physics. "This is a giant leap forward. Its consequences are difficult to imagine," — he said.
Not surprisingly, the inventors of the statement caused a storm of controversy that split the academic world, which has not yet recovered from the fiasco with the "cold nuclear fusion" in 1989, when a group of researchers from Utah caused a scandal with his statement — soon proved unfounded — the long-awaited solution of the problem. Experts have expressed caution, referring to the first law of thermodynamics, which, if in simple terms, is that the output power can not be greater than the input.
However, the inventor, who is not afraid of anything, says that after a device attached to the initial voltage, it can work indefinitely — at least up to wear and tear — and that he has 17 months free satisfies all of their home energy needs. However, he hastened to disassociate themselves from the ancient world as the myth of perpetual motion. "Perpetual motion is impossible. This is a self-sustaining device that produces more energy at the same time."
During a demonstration of a prototype — roughly the size of a dishwasher — accelerated about 10 minutes, using as an initial source of energy four 12-volt car battery. In issuing uniform mechanical noise machine fed all this time, three 100-watt bulbs. Voltmeter connected to the battery before turning on the device showed 48.9 V, and then turn them off — 51.2 V, that is somehow recharge the batteries.
The machine then continued to work in the course of about two hours, until the photos were done, and the brightness of the lamps did not weaken. New theories of free energy sources are rooted in quantum physics and associated with the research in such fantastic areas as anti-gravity and advanced propulsion. In the debate about how serious they involve experts in quantum mechanics, and those who say that they have learned the secrets of free energy from the aliens. Still others are convinced that the U.S. government secretly prevent the commission of such discoveries.
The creators Jasker, ignoring the skeptics see the first practical application of the technology in the domestic off-generator and the next nearest area of application could be the automotive industry, has invested heavily in the search engines to replace petroleum-based. The closer the point of exhaustion of the world's oil reserves, the more intense the search is on for alternatives. If the people behind Jasker, really hit upon something, that this invention may be the most significant achievement of Ireland since the creation of the recipe beer "Guinness".

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