Dubrovno tsmutarakannyu has always been, and now all of it and still declining …


My companion, a pensioner and a member of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World", Mr. Meany Kornienko returned to his small home after 40-year break when he worked in the local district committee of the Communist Party. Even before the trip warned:

Kornienko"It has always been difficult for people — the edge of the suburbs," tsmutarakan. " Even after the Second World Central Committee of the PBC adopted a special resolution "On measures to help Dubrovensky district" … "

The bus dubroventsy lively discussions evening news BT:

Lord"Yesterday looked as reported to the President that the Executive Committee had lied — not all planted land … A reported that took first place in the area for seeding "

Already in Minsk learned that in six years of local farms do not use large areas of land, which, inspectors CLS could be transferred to "the construction of houses and collective gardening." We first decide to visit the largest flax mill here. The road goes over a bridge on the Dnieper River, which divides the 9000th city into two parts. The powerful river in Dubrovno relatively narrow, but short-lived. However, I notice at the bottom of maslyanistyya spots. I asked the lady Lyudmila Sidorova, which goes towards:

Reporter"And bathe in the river Dubrovensky?"

Sidorova"Do not, has become dirty — swimming, where shallow. Waste can be seen that the dirt. Yes and no children to take out — instead of the beaches of parking … "

Mr."With all the creamery muck was the Dnieper …"

It is joined by an elderly man in the construction overalls.

Mr."Dairy as a legal entity does not exist anymore — it shop for receiving and sending milk. Previously, the plant manufactured goods was — now is not working as well as unclaimed goods have become. There did twine, brick, woodwork. In Dubrovno three cows were kept — population declines. In our neighborhood in a herd of 160 was now 30 left. On average, earn thousands at 300-400 — nothing to envy. In Russia travel to work on the construction site — get a little bit. After all Muscovites for such money will not work … "

Mr. Vasily Labuka went out for a morning constitutional. He has 15 years in retirement, had worked in the local agricultural machinery.

Labuka"When I drove and peat, and 500 engines were doing. Joined now Selkhozkhimia and agricultural equipment serving milking machines. You can live — a regular pension, 570 for me and my wife about it. In stores any products previously went to the Baltic on this poor sausage. Would not it be worse — I listen to Russian inking does. In Dubrovno almost do not know — there is no information anywhere. I have a receiver — listen to different radio stations, Russia, "Freedom", too … "

On the other bank of the Dnieper gazed thoughtfully for 59-year-old Vasiliy Nosov. Was dressed as a job — quickly go on to replace the flax plant, which makes the operator of drying equipment.

Nosov"On average, LNOZAVOD 600,000 salary. Happiness, of course, no — dust missing. We, the elderly, do not pay attention — not as long as tuberculosis, and many colds as drafts when they open the window. But in the most prestigious area of flax, because if and where will the workers, the salary will be much lower — at 200-300 million in agricultural machinery, Selkhozkhimia. Crisis had not noticed — earnings before was not, and now there is no … "

Reporter"And do keep the cattle?"

Nosov"In recent years — not. Previously, chickens, geese were, and working with her family in the change, 15 minutes lunch — or a goose, or "linen" penny … "

We do not have any Belarusian or Russian — "Dubrovensky" incomprehensible …

Grocery store "Lenok" the enterprise was empty. Head, Mrs. Irina Gorelik, explained:

Gorelik"If the salary is — buy if there is no money — less. You are talking in Belarusian, I am lost. Belarusian itself, but never heard it right speech … "

Reporter"Would you like to hear?"

Gorelik"Yes, why not? We do not have any Belarusian or Russian — "Dubrovensky" incomprehensible … "

Over a hundred meters to the factory management eyes of the former head of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation Minaya Kornienko moisten:

Kornienko"Glory to Labour" — the eternal motto, under my leadership hung … Flax Mill was good — a war weaving mill "Dnepr manufactory." After the war, her outfit bosses did not want to accept, sent to Orsha became the basis for the construction of Orsha Linen Mill. The buildings have remained the same — you need to use, as 70% destroyed everything in '44, when released. In the 47th was already working as flax sown at all times. Here loam mountainous, and the flax will grow everywhere, if fertilizer makes more … "

Another of our companion, human rights activist, a member of the public initiative "Our House" and the party "Fair World" Nicholas Petrushenka his story brought us on a humorous wave:

Petrushenka"In accordance with the state program" Len "vbuhali here good money. And even put imported equipment. Belgian adjustment made. The conveyor 30 minutes has become. Engineers pull jacket — it crushed three bottles of wine — "But from what does not keep our equipment" … "(Laughter.)

Through the checkpoint in the drying department missed me alone. A total of 240 Flax Mill workers, but Saturday was working alone 4th change to the master Vladimir Kryshkevicham. That, apparently, has already learned that talking to journalists:

Kryshkevich"The best in the Vitebsk region for the quality of flax — produce short, long, the amount of this year's change of more than 8 tons of …"

Reporter"I have been on Kohanovo flax plants — there is a black girl spit spit …"

Kryshkevich"We are trying to extract worked …"

Respiratarav on the faces of the four workers, however, I had not noticed. He himself, after standing for some time, transpartera, sniffed the afternoon. 27-year-old Tatyana, who are 5 months old, I literally gasped

Tatiana"Suffocating — but here everything is just breathe. Drafts — but what if the work is no more? I am here temporarily — the health is lost … "

And now for what he did not tell me the master Kryshkevich. This year, for 5 months with 259 recycled 245 tons of flax were left in warehouses. Because of their poor quality has refused to accept the consumer — Orsha Linen Mill. So to Tatstsyaninaga solutions can be joined by others. We are guided by Mr. Minal into another "hot spot" — to the other end of the city, where there was three years ago creamery.

Kornienko"Once the oil is done, and now sent to Orsha. Here, the primary processing of milk — which is done in farms where there is … "

Svezhapafarbavanyya in pink and re
d colors of the building of the current maslatsehu seen from afar. At the entrance inspector says:

Inspector"Now just brought in, hand over, then comes and takes the car …"

While he walked the boss, ask a policeman, a junior sergeant Baranova:

Reporter"What you are saving then?"

Militiaman"To protect public order …"

Inspector came and said that all the "urgent busy." Mr Kornienko, who examined not numerous equipment in the yard, commented:

Kornienko"The milk is cooled in a natural way — the water flows into the tank, in the bath, and all. (Laughter.) At the same time, the production of waste water drained and polluted Dnieper, what we have seen from the bridge … "

Reporter"That is why the police post and so we were not allowed into the territory?"

Kornienko"Being one organization — the policeman said that" pay ". Guard that "the enemy does not and did not poison his way" — or did not see, what not to. Low purchase price, and sells to a high maslatseh — free money is welded state … "



"We" Kudelitsa "girl came to your party.
We will sing to you and jump on the holiday and congratulate.
Oh, plyashatstsa us, have fun singing!
And why should not we dance — life is beautiful! "

Biblyatekarka, member of the folk ensemble "Kudelitsa" Lyudmila Radkevych knows what ditties will appeal to those who sit at the annual festival "Zadneprovskij voice" in the forefront. The other day, however, the local historians conducted a unique event "7 Wonders Dubrovenshchyny." They are identified through a survey of hundreds of citizens of all ages and professions. Says the head of the library, Valentine Ustinov.

Ustinov: "Essay Competition was questioning among the population. On the talk show summed up, designed booklet and designed the route that has guided tours. "Leader" has become our Bernardine — 74% of applications were. This is the old mansion. After — Kireevski grove, where the miraculous source of healing water: drink all diseases, is sanctified. Then the giant oak in the village Bastryevka — 17 meters in height and 7.5 meters in circumference. In the days of Napoleon, he has been listed as a protected archaeological area Dubrovensky list. Church of the Holy Trinity Zhyvapachatnay — The Church of the 19th century. Ancient settlement near the village landmarks middle — second half of the first millennium AD. Dnipro — people decided that still deserves to be a "miracle" … "

Mrs. Elena Tikhonov Dubrovensky district council chairman has less than six months ago. Prior to that, she worked as chief accountant in suburban SEC. In the office without the traditional friendly smiling portrait Lukashenko:

Reporter"Do you regret that a particular work went on talking shop?"

Tikhonov"My second post was on a voluntary basis — Deputy Chairman of the ideological work — learned to speak. Just now — in an area-wide. Was a member of three terms. We have 26 seats, and in the state — I, secretary, chief specialist of the driver. Therefore, the main — the study of people's opinions on the ground. We accumulate them, put questions to the executive … "

Reporter"The main problem — there is power, there is no money?"

Tikhonov"To some extent, yes. Although the 21 presidential decree gave ample opportunity — income Board at 70%, only 30% of the subsidies. The main sources of income — the income tax, from the sale of land, the rites, the land tax on real estate. Send think the beautification of the city — the road in the outback town of asphalt, repair houses. In smallholdings people need help to forage. In winter, nothing to feed — and so declined by 110 heads of livestock from the previous year. Technology to provide services to mow, to bring into the house. And people are willing to pay a reasonable — if there is a guarantee that they will keep the cattle a year … "

The interviewee advised to go to a private barber shop "Style" nearby where hair usually does.

Tikhonov"I liked how carefully I served, quality and inexpensive …"

24-year-old Olga Rakov working in the "Styles" for the second year. In contrast to the state barber shop, there is not a fixed salary, and to productivity.

Reporter"You do it promotes more?"

Olga"In principle, yes …"

Reporter"Loyal customers a day as possible?"

Olga"10 is …"

In the hall logged mother and daughter — future bride.

Bride"I want to be evenly distributed and all were stranded …"

Olga"Please from 35 thousand to 50 …"

Mother"The price is acceptable, less is nowhere to be …"

Mr Kornienko, who was waiting for me at the door, held his experience.

Kornienko"The building rayvuzla postal contains 2 stores, shoe repair, clothing and hair salon. Shchemyatstsa themselves in a small cubbyhole — all in the lease. By the way, kiosk "Soyuzpechat" only in the area is where is … "

We approach the open window of the kiosk.

Reporter"And of periodicals that you have?"

Salesgirl"No, no, bought." Komsomolskaya Pravda "has remained with the program …"

Reporter"Balance big?"

Salesgirl"I have no right — without bosses will not tell …"

Reporter"You — I read — Svetlana Palitava — clear …"

Individual entrepreneur, disabled 2 groups Vladimir appetite, seeing the microphone, he calls me. 26 years, he holds a watchmaker. Adopted in March, "thoughtless" believes, bureaucratic decree "pulled the plug".

Sung"I have increased by 20% flat tax. They did it the same in Orsha, Vitebsk, Dubrovno. And we have 9,000 inhabitants in them — respectively 300, 500 000. I have clients in the day may not be a single, maybe 2-3, but they can 10 people. And razed as a cobblers! And earn 350-400 thousand, and the rest to pay the tax. Not interested to work … "

On Dubrovensky commodity market on the weekend counted as many as three (!) Buyers. Saleswoman Lida, which traded shoes, just pakurvala:

Lida"At the Fair" hang out "for a long time — 10 years. Today, Saturday (!), Bought a T-shirt and shale — goods cheap. Worse and worse this year. Expensive goods to drive profitable because they do not buy — take one. Here's shoes for the 60,000 — from the package took only 2 pairs … "

My companions and Mykola Kornienko Minaj Petrushenka share their impressions:

Kornienko"Actually this is my home, and so painful. And he is
not revived, and declining population. The same fair — it is a mockery of the people who work there and who goes there. The woman said — "no kindergartens, as children do not have." People talk openly about their problems. To 96, the opposition was organized enough, a lot of people in it. When we went to "roll forward", someone came out, many have moved to the "loyal" CPB — "our" director general flax factory silent … "

Petrushenka"We must change the system of budgeting to taxes of every citizen to go to the village council — in Dubrovno did. It is the merit of the former chairman of Kireyeva. I would love to have the matter took on the district council — in the hope … "

A participant of the above "Kudelitsa" Lyudmila Radkevych we sang a ditty that during performances will keep at the end:

"I'll buy myself a ring with a gold sample
If the marriage does not take — still paprobuyu.
Our glorious Dubrovno famous pumpkins —
bacon, vodka, moonshine and blond guys … "


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