Duty — indefinitely, negotiations — closed


Mr."Given the fact that within the framework of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space gas prices and energy prices are likely to be the same, the Belarusian products at prices and quality will be competitive in the markets of Kazakhstan and Russia. From this point of view, we advantageous Customs Union. If the scope of the agreement will be others, our products will be more expensive and can not compete in these markets. You've got to take care of the economic interests of our state. "

Mrs."Ordinary people, I think, this is not profitable. I need to buy a car, but on his very will increase prices. "

Mr."Better European Union than the Customs Union. There's more good people and a decent relationship. "

Mr."The issue is complex — it's not immediately signed. But I believe that, in principle, from an economic point of view, it is advantageous. All items will be free from duties, there will be no extra charges, will all soon be realized. But I'm not taking oil into account. And the gas too. Of course, for us it would be beneficial to both of these resources spread agreement on the Customs Union. "

Mr."I think it is advantageous if the border is open on two sides. And if on the one hand we have freedom, but on the other — in fact, the Iron Curtain and the European Union, I personally do not like it. "

Mr."My opinion: The union is beneficial, but, says Comrade Lukashenko, that we were going to meet, too. Our products we sell to them, they come to us — in any case we need a custom connection."

Mr."It is very strange that signed the Customs Union, and this situation is alarming. Relations between the heads of state greatly affect the economic interests of those states. And it should not be. "

Mrs."This is Russia, Belarus — is yes. And Kazakhstan? I do not know if what he was to us? "

Mr."It depends on how it will be implemented. There are conditions that can be helpful, but what we have now — it's not very comfortable. There are nuances that are still controversial — it's duties. They are not reliable. The negotiations are not too open. "

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