Dyarzhekspertyzu NPP project completed by 15 July

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus, the official beginning of the procedure of state environmental review of the report, "An estimate of the impact on the environment of the Belarusian nuclear power plant" (EIA) and expects to complete it before July 15.

According to the agency "Interfax-West", Head of the State Environmental Review MEP Alexander Andreev, said:

"The EIA report on our examination to determine the appropriate document with the national law in protecting the environment. We expect to complete the examination before July 15."

According to Andreeva, this document is the investment rationale for building nuclear power plants. In the document the examination process will be amended based on the comments of countries in which public hearings were held and technical advice on the EIA report. Andreev added that, according to the Belarusian legislation, the country has the right to not to inform the neighboring states on the outcome dyarzhekspertyzy, but noted that those States that held a public hearing will be notified that their comments and additions incorporated in the final document.

Belarus has conducted consultations on nuclear safety with Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Austria and Poland. "Russia immediately gave his consent for the construction," — explained in the Ministry of Environment.

Meanwhile independent Russian experts, who have repeatedly come to Belarus and participated the public hearing, act strongly against nuclear power plant in Belarus.

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