Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred on the Japanese island of Honshu

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred on the Japanese island of Honshu

MOSCOW, June 3 — RIA Novosti. 5.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan on Saturday night local time in the eastern part of the island of Honshu, 187 kilometers from the capital city of Tokyo, said on Friday at the U.S. Geological Survey website.

The epicenter of tremors recorded at 01.00 local time (20.00 MSK), located six kilometers east of the city of Iwaki (Fukushima Prefecture). The earthquake lies at a depth of 24.5 kilometers.

Data on victims and survivors have not yet received, information about the devastation there. Warning about the threat of a tsunami also been reported.

Earthquake of magnitude 9.0 occurred on March 11 in northeastern Japan, causing a tsunami of more than ten meters. According to the Institute of Geography of Japan, tsunami covered a total area of 561 sq. km, which corresponds to 90% of the 23 special districts that make up the core of Tokyo. More than half the flooded area — 327 square kilometers — were in Miyagi prefecture. As a result of the disaster had destroyed more than 151 thousand buildings.

Death toll from the devastating earthquake and ensuing tsunami in March, and repeated strong aftershocks in early April was 15,000 310 people.

After the earthquake and tsunami on the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" was recorded a series of accidents caused by the failure of the cooling system. As a result of incidents at the plant revealed several radiation leaks, forcing authorities to evacuate people from the 20-kilometer zone around the plant. She later appeared information about the discovery in a number of areas of Japan radioactive elements, such as isotopes of iodine and cesium in the air, sea and drinking water as well as in products.

According to seismologists, repeated earthquakes with magnitude greater than 5.0 may continue in the area of Honshu island at least another few months.

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