Earthquake reached Ukraine Luhansk region shaken

Earthquakes got to UkraineResidents of Rovenky, Luhansk region on Sunday, May 22, felt a strong tremor. Presumed cause tremors — the movement of the crust.

How to tell rovenchane concerned, in the quarter Gagarin Street Bogdan Khmelnitsky in the room together with the tenants 'jumped' furniture, crockery rattled and chandeliers. According to engineer Rovenkovskogo City Department MES in Luhansk Andrew Sapicheva due to PE were no injuries, according to the portal in the city.

Information about the incident were sent to the Director General of the State Enterprise "Rovenkianthracite." Perhaps tremors caused by drilling and blasting work in the mines of the enterprise. Similar information is also directed to the State Seismological Service.

As reported, May 1 5.3 magnitude earthquake occurred on Sunday morning, May 1, in Romania. The epicenter was located in Vrancea at a depth of 140 km, it was felt throughout Romania, Moldova and western Ukraine.

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