Eastern Partnership as a way evrapeizavats Belarus

In Minsk, began a two-day conference of the National Civil Society Forum "road map" Eastern Partnership "in Belarus." This year, in November, will be held in Berlin s Civil Society Forum, and representatives of the third sector have work out a joint position to properly represent the country at this merapryemstve.Pershy similar forum was held last year in Brussels.

Despite the invitation of the organizers, the authorities have ignored today's conference. Judge of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Denis Melyantsou said that the efforts of civil society at the national level is not perceived as an aid in working together, and as an obstacle:

Denis Melyantsou

"Civil procedure they perceive as a kind of nuisance in its cooperation with the European institutions, in the mining activities of money, projects, etc. So I would caution honorable members to exaggerate it is the role of the Civil Society Forum in the" Eastern Partnership. "From the beginning of this forum was conceived specifically as a monitoring platform that will monitor the way in which projects are made at the state level, to develop recommendations to improve the process to make it a smoother, more successful. "

National Coordinator of the management committee of the Civil Society Forum Vlad Velichko says that the "Eastern Partnership" makes a significant contribution to the gradual Europeanization of Belarus. First, the obvious process of de-Sovietization, "dismantling" old habits that were inherited from the Soviet era. Second, Belarusization — the formation of the modern Belarusian national identity. Finally, the actual process of Europeanization — the promotion of the European model, the European perspective of Belarus:

Vladimir Velichko

"We need to try to form and strengthen mechanism for incorporating the voice of civil society, not only of the" Eastern Partnership ", but also European countries. Because the program" Eastern Partnership "brings together not only the civil society of the six countries, but also civil society and the European Union, including the international organizations. So one of the problems — the connection of these players, strengthening their voice in the inter-state cooperation, convergence processes that develop in the framework of this program. "

Expert analytical center «Wider Europe" Vyacheslav Pozdniak draws attention the fact that at higher understanding between formal opponents fruits of the "Eastern Partnership" could be a lot more:

Vyacheslav Pozdniak

"The list of what the program offers the" Eastern Partnership "Forum for civil society is quite a long list. Such a list of good deeds that could be implemented, provided that there were political and legal conditions, if there was active, with mutual dialogue with the authorities, with the ministries with specific officials. Then it may have to do it all. In our situation, I would suggest a fairly simple algorithm that we could do in the interests of the Belarusian Civil Society Forum, using agulnaregiyanalny European forum. In Berlin, there is a real channel to make the most important and pressing issues on the level of the discussion of government and euroallied players. "

Tomorrow at the conference of the National Civil Society Forum will be named the Belarusian non-governmental organizations to take part in the Berlin forum. While 32 seats for Belarus claim 88 associations.

One of the declared goals of the "Eastern Partnership" — an approximation of six post-Soviet countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia) to the space of the European Union.




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