Echo sentence Sannikov

The Western press today, a lot of feedback on the first sentence of former presidential candidate in Belarus.

The court in Minsk sentenced Andrei Sannikov, a candidate for the disputed presidential elections in December for 5 years in the maximum security prison, finding him guilty of organizing mass riots after the elections — like The Wall Street Journal pryvodts opinion and political analyst Oleg Manaeva:

"Sentences of the opposition can be seen as a" commodity "to trade with Western countries. Over the next six months, relations between Minsk and the West will be built around the issue of political prisoners."

Italian La Repubblica Sannikov calls "one of the main opponents of Alexander Lukashenko.

"Penal Colony instead of the presidential palace" — the so-called German a comment Süddeutsche Zeitung. The newspaper recalls last year's meeting between the head of the Federal Chancellery of Germany Ronald Pofalla all candidates — then full of hope. " Then the "Nekljaev asked him what will do Pofalla if after the election Lukashenko tells them to beat and arrest. The Minister had no choice but to shrug, expressing the hope that this will not happen. Astsyaroga Neklyaeva become a reality, and Pofalla can only make a statement that under such conditions of "normalization" is not out of the question "- the article says.

"The result is a show trial Sannikov can not wait for anything good to review the cases of four other presidential candidates — believes the author of the newspaper article Die Tageszeitung, who believes that economic sanctions than the EU requires "clear words to Moscow, which continues to maintain a neighbor at the expense of reduced prices for imported energy and credit."

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