Economic hit: My former colleague is everywhere

The creator of the famous blockbuster John Perkins answers questions of "joint venture"

Over the last year the world came the beyond the number of events that require harsh judgment. "Free Press" has decided to find out about the nature of world events in the one who is more than 20 years by the nature of their own profession has been involved in the creation of future crises — the creator of the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins. His book 18 months has stood in the list of best-selling newspaper The New York Times, has been translated into more than 30 languages and published in total circulation, surpassing one million copies.

In "Confessions," Perkins from within the system indicates the U.S. is led to bankruptcy and complete dependence on himself the whole country. This is done under a great screen, when in a certain country, third world discovered resources that are needed to South American corporations, sent there by those who openly inside the system called "economic killer". If the "economic hit men" suffered misfortune came true killer: so disastrously killed Panamanian President Omar Torrijos and Ecuador's President Jaime Roldos — says Perkins. Even if the attempt, organizing mass riots did not reach its goal, the United States sent an army. A recent example — the war in Iraq.

And what about the present? It will soon be a year since the Middle East and North Africa to take a ride the wave of Arab revolutions. Can we say that they wrote the script in the U.S.? Or was it a spontaneous protest, supported by then outside? If so, to whom it was at hand? This and many other reports of "SP" asked of John Perkins, contact with Washington.

— With regard to the events of the "Arab Spring", I do not think that they were planned and implemented by the scheme described by me. I think that the "Arab Spring", as well as mass protests in other countries has shown us something else entirely. First, that people around the world wake up and start to think that the old system is no longer working. This is the system in which 1 percent is at the head of all of the economic pyramid and uses the other 99 percent for their own benefit in the long term.

"SP": — In other words, these actions really were spontaneous and not orchestrated by someone outside?

— Yes, but I also suspect — I have no proof, so I am no longer involved in similar actions — that the economic hit men and the agents of another kind, which continue to seep into these protest groups, I wish that such governments like Gaddafi or Mubarak have been changed by people who could not be more friendly disposed towards the huge corporations, more obedient corporatocracy. But at the same time, there is a very harsh Islamic movement that is trying to make the turnaround and say what everyone is finished, unreal.

"SP": — Why is the U.S. and the entire Western world is so energetic they say about human rights violations in Syria, and previously in Libya, but prefer to ignore such actions taking place at the same time in Bahrain and Yemen?

— It is hypocritical, it's even worse than hypocrisy. We're talking about human rights violations when we wish to get rid of unwanted favorites and we want to gain control of their countries. But when we litsezreem such as violations of human rights in those countries, the leaders of which we like — as in Bahrain — we ignore them. And, of course, we just ignore these violations at home. In the United States itself is now a lot of human rights violations — as for example, with the ordinary Bradley Manning, who passed the hidden data Wikileaks and which for a long time kept in the bullpen without charge. We use the term "human rights violations" when it is profitable to us with political positions.

"SP": — Do you earmark separately in Libya and the killing of Muammar Gaddafi?

— I think that when the United States decided such severe measures against Gaddafi, their motives become the determination of the Gaddafi to-date currency that would replace the dollar. It said the development of the gold dinar and it was a very strong central bank with a large little bit of gold. He incited the African and Latin American countries to take and sell oil for gold dinar instead of the dollar, and this undermined the dollar itself and very little spare the Federal System (FRS) the USA — the entire banking system, which is based on the economy of our country.

The Iranian regime is at the moment is on a similar path, and I think that almost all of what happened in Libya, and is currently in Iran, even more so due to the economic system and bucks than with the creation of nuclear weapons or oil.

"SP": — you have said that people around the world wake up and start to think that the old system is no longer working. What do you mean?

— I believe that the action "Occupy Wall Street" protests and in Europe, and the "Arab Spring", and the actions you are part of a global process of awakening. People are aware that the present system has a severe discrepancy: I mean, that the heads of the countries whether in Russia, the U.S., China or the Middle East do not serve the citizens. For many years, their actions are subject to the interests of a narrow group of people heading naikrupneyshie global companies — corporatocracy (Corporatocracy). Possessing tremendous financial capabilities, they are kept under the control of a huge portion of the world's governments. They also are kept under control and the mainstream media, just owning them. Problem with them is one — to maximize profit. Our world has been stolen from us and we need to take it back: take back our economy and politics. The protest movement — a part of the process.

"SP": — You will be able to refer to a limit when the power in the run across the country to corporations?

— It was a long process, but if you want to hear a certain point, then it was the election of U.S. President Ronald Reagan's election in Britain, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In Russia, I think it was the coming to power of Gorbachev. More active period began 80 years when governments like the United States, began to give corporations are increasingly and more power, steel to reduce the degree of legal regulation of their activities, which allowed to keep them under control. It was a deliberate policy. As a result, the Company has a greater ability to fund and identify the different programs from the elected politicians and dictate terms. I distinguish the 80s, but, of course, an advanced process lasted a long time ago.

"SP": — What do you think about the mass protests in Russia?

— First, is forced to announce that I have never worked in Russia, and I can only believe about the nature of the events taking place in your country, but I think it is the same as in the rest of the world. Perhaps the Russian people began to build their favorites for a long time engaged in deceiving the people, and a very narrow group of people becoming richer and richer, and all other exploiting natural resources.

"SP": — In Russia now discusses the two points of view with regard to past protests. One — the one that at the moment you have voiced, the second — that fueled the protests outside and, at first, the United States in order to reduce Russia.

— I think the second point of view also has the right to exist. Whenever people decide that they fool the government and start similar protests, U.S. agents, such as "economic killer" trying to infiltrate them, and I have no hesitation that similar is happening at the moment. But I believe that t
he actions in Russia are part of the events taking place in the world.

"SP": — But what they need to complete? If the corporatocracy really has such power, she will not give it voluntarily.

— Well, we litsezreem she thrashes in response. You may have beheld photo from the U.S., where the police disperse the action "Occupy Wall Street". Resistance is everywhere, but we also understand that once people form a corporatocracy, we are not ignored, and beating back, meaning they are afraid of us. Because I believe that the people who are involved in the protest movement, should take this as a very encouraging sign — they are heard, they are afraid. In the UK, the XIII century a similar situation has led to the fact that people revolted and forced King John to sign the stateliness Carta. I think it's time for the latest Magna Carta — Global Charter. In essence, the company is not for personal gain, and in order to serve the public, to petition for ordinary people and serve their interests and not the interests of a very small and very wealthy group of individuals.

"SP": — In Russia, there is a view that in the past systemic crises the world has overcome only through war. Namely, the stateliness of depression only managed to get through World War II. There is a fear that we are now going to the third. Do you agree with that?

— I really hope this is not the case, as the global war would be devastating for all of us, except perhaps the big companies that will make her a great deal, as we did in all the wars of the past. I really think this is a real danger, and such a degree of tension between Iran and the United States seriously scares me, because it can lead to a very harsh war. By the way, in the U.S. popular rumors that Putin is our homeland and want this war, because it is serious increment in oil prices. I hope we still get to avoid it.

"SP": — Why does the current system is so hard to resist? Why are officials occupying the highest positions, can not just radically change its policy?

— As those methods that have been used by us in the Third World, can be used for certain people, even inside the United States. We know exactly what is now the president of the United States is in a very vulnerable position. In our time, there is no need to kill the President of the bullet. "Assassination" Bill Clinton was committed by compromising his sexy scandal. Most recently, we have seen how the same method has been destroyed careers Head International Finance Fund, Dominique Strauss Kahn, although the charge has not been confirmed. And Obama knows that he can dump by ordinary rumors, accusations of sexy infidelity, drug use, or something like that. Our favorites are now very vulnerable and jackals do not need to use a bullet or a bomb like in the past.

"SP": — Mr. Perkins, the last question because of today's financial crisis and wars nedavneshnih — namely the Libyan — many experts in Russia have read that if the Soviet Union was still alive, none of this would have happened. What do you feel about it?

— Of course, it is impossible to know what would have happened if the Soviet Union did not collapse, but what we do know, it's that when he died, in the world there is only one superpower — the United States. Previously, the Soviet Union and the United States very seriously balanced each other out, but when the Soviet Union collapsed, the balance has been broken. And once the United States became the only superpower, they are reincarnated into a superpower corporatocracy. Now, it is characteristic of the world. So the destruction of the Russian Union of completely changed the balance of the entire global politics.

Our information

John Perkins (born John Perkins; born January 28, 1945 in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA), economist, writer and activist.

In 1963, the pre-school ends, goes to college Middlebury. In 1964 met with Farhad, scion of an Iranian general. Running out of Middlebury, working for the company, "Hurst nyuspeyperz" in Boston.

In 1966 he entered the Institute of Business Administration Institute of Boston. In the future, he married former classmate at Middlebury, her "Uncle Frank," an executive with the Department of State Security (NDS). UNB is taken as a perfect economic hit. With the help of Uncle Frank comes into the Peace Corps and receives direction in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where local tribes are at war with the U.S. oil companies.

In 1969, lives in a rain forest in the Andes. Witnesses a deceptive and destructive actions of the oil companies and local government agencies and their negative consequences for the local tribes and the environment. In Ecuador, met with the vice-president of an international consulting firm, "MAINE", who immediately is the contact person UNB.

Went to work for an international consulting firm, "MAINE", held a closed training in Boston as an economic killer (EC) in a group of eleven travels to Java, Indonesia. Feels remorse because of the need to falsify economic research.

Still, it is regarded as a "promising young officer." In 1972 he met with high-ranking officials, including the president of the Global Bank President Robert McNamara. Sent to Panama with a special assignment. Meets and receives support from the Panamanian president and a charismatic favorite of Omar Torrijos, find out about the history of U.S. imperialism and its intention to return the Torrijos Panama Canal.

This experience gave him the impetus to R & D Global economic processes and the beginning of writing. His more famous books — "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", which is published in the insider information on the operation or neo-colonization of the third world, Perkins describes this process as a scheming companies, banks and governments of the United States. In another book, "The Secret History of the American Empire," it is a lot of evidence of negative effects of global companies on the economy and ecology of the poor countries.

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