Embassy of Belarus: Lukashenko plots against spoil relations with Russia

"Scandalous plots" against Alexander Lukashenko, passed on Russian TV channels, spoil the Russian-Belarusian relations. This was on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" said a spokesman for the Belarusian Embassy in Russia Vitaly Slivka.

Slivku cites's "Agency Financial News":

"Advancing blasphemous accusations Head of State unacceptable and criminal. This is speculation, which are without soil, and a set of comments that have thrown out of context … It is especially sad that they (the subjects) appeared on the eve of today's meeting in Astana, which is planned to sign a number of documents related to the Customs Union … I do not think that this will strengthen the friendship and mutual understanding, and I hope that these stories are not the official expression of the policy of the Russian government, "- said Slivka.

On the eve of NTV was a film called "The Godfather." Also on the channel "Russia Today" on Sunday came the big TV story, in which he sharply criticized Lukashenko. On Last week on the ORT channel Belarusian ruler has been devoted to the transfer of "However".

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