Energy and Health

November 30, 2011 14:53

Everything in the universe is energy, and hence the level of our capacity depends on its level. A person with a low level of energy to achieve anything in life is almost impossible. A man with a huge level of energy, it will be enough just to think about something, and it is already being implemented. Thus, mages can materialize any thing, to build their counterpart and more. And now there are strong people, but we do not know them, because they do not live among the people, and if they appear, they become invisible to others. Their power — the result of a complete renunciation of the ego.

 Now let's talk about ways that enhance our energy potential. As I said earlier — the whole world our reflection. Now take a closer look around and assess the situation around you. If things are hit and miss, there is no order, there is dirt or dust, it is a direct reflection of your body condition. Mess in the house — a mess in my head — a mess in the body. If the house is a lot of unnecessary things are stored, just in case, it speaks about your greed and slagging your body's reluctance to get rid of the junk in your body.
A person from a lack of confidence in the future (for example of our grandmothers and grandfathers, who at one time were starving and in need), sorry to throw out what some things in the hope that one day they will be useful. Naturally in the body is the same, toxins through your habit not to throw anything, accumulate in the body and obstruct the passage of the free flow of energy. This is a very good way to keep track of his head and the body paying attention to the outside environment.
Why do people like to relax in the countryside? Because nature is harmonious and there is nothing superfluous, and your body a rest there. Take for example some Japanese living in almost empty house, surrounded by walls made of paper, nothing more.
When you were young you had a few things and you were harmonious. At age 20, you pyshite health, you are young and beautiful, because of things you have not yet so much. Then we grow up and stuff we have become even more, and the body begins to play tricks. Further more.
All nonsense and lies in the fact that the closer a person to death, the more his stuff. The conclusion: The more a person of unnecessary things, the more garbage in the body, the old and sick man becomes. All this is due to the fact that we do not trust your subconscious mind is that it will give us all in the right time and at the right time.
Our nature abhors a vacuum, so it always fills. Refer to the past experience and you will see that getting rid of something old, you get in return is something new, the best.
There is not even need a hair dryer — shui, it is enough that you get satisfaction from the environment around you. Think about your feelings after major or minor repairs in the house. Joy for himself, for his work, for the result. The eyes do not rush and do not spoil the mood faded wallpaper, stripped plaster. Condition is, if you put things in order in your body.
Why rich and successful people are surrounded by an ideal situation all over the place? Because a lot of money? I agree. Well, if there is such a link, then surround yourself with the most harmonious environment.

If you can not throw out what that stuff from the past, so you cling to the old, worn-out, so think and live as old men, and you are actually getting older.
When you gain confidence that your subconscious mind will give you everything you want, on time and on time, you can achieve anything.
Start to increase their energy potential in the situation surrounding you, so clean your body. If possible, go on a long hike and spend time in a harmonious atmosphere. House walls are hung with posters embodying your dream. Remove anything that is negative and death. This concerns first of all pictures of dead relatives. They do not need your memory. It's your ego wants to remember them, so as not to feel guilty about them. Gone to a different world live different lives and not have to bother them, leave them alone.
Get rid of anything that brings you the memories of the past, because thinking about the last time you send back the energy, and therefore it is useless to expend. Again indicator of human aging — is a frequent finding in past events. It is foolish to expend energy in the events that will not be returned, but in a real life flies by.
Next to each of us, hanging on the shoulders of all of our goods are not promises. This reminds us of the goods is not made by business, and our mood of this does not get better. In those moments when we still did, that the long-planned, we feel relief and joy. You can not easily move forward, because as a barge hauler, pulling a barge of your broken promises. Therefore, gather, make a list of what it set out to do when, after mothballed and start disburden.
Just imagine what feelings you expect after all done. You will feel a lifting force, a pride for a loved one, and that the most basic and most important — is a complete faith that you will always achieve their goals, because you have the experience to achieve the target. Plus the habit of responsibility for his words (To make it easier to answer, do not tell anyone about his intentions, thus will save energy for Thought). Well, as long as you do not get rid of the burden of past promises, you sitting experience remaining goals, so you laid in accordance with the program (schedule anything and not to do), you will not get anywhere.
Practice is to stop lying to yourself. How to do it? Is not difficult, in fact. I'm telling you — perfect dolt higher category. To do this, just to have a daily and evening to make a list of what you need to do. Before that, you first need to determine in what areas of life you lack. To do this, create a list on which there are the following items: 1) Happiness, 2) Health, 3) well-being. Next, you need to do every day, at least one action of each item, thus you will make in your life awareness, and thus cease to act spontaneously.
Happiness for daily do what you really like and then feel happy. Please note: what you love, NOT THAT HOW YOU THINK NEED. If you can not find time for yourself, why do you live?
For Health, select any method of cleansing the body, as well as physical exercise.
Do not make the common mistake of only the most — will be all the money. About 95% of the world's population live on this principle, and as you can see sucking Chupa — Chups. What you need to wealth, if you can not be happy? What is wealth and fame if you are sick? Do not stand in the ranks of the suckers, which by the way I am, or waste time in vain.
Money — it is an indicator of our level of energy. If we get sick, so what — that body lacks energy, and thus violated our subtle body, and therefore the energy level is low, and the money according to that level. Stupidity is precisely in the fact that we coffins themselves in the pursuit of wealth, and in the end it was not able to get.
Successful people, and therefore successful, that observe these principles: First, learn to be happy at the same time and thereby improve their health, and the money for a happy and healthy yourself go.
Pay special attention to daily meditation, without them you can not be balanced, healthy and happy. I for myself, meditation, put on the first place, it helps me to be aware, cleans my thin body, and gives me the necessary knowledge.
Brainstorm, communicate with the subconscious mind, as we have learned it in the last book, and find what you truly want, because only true desires us energized enthusiasm, and false (imposed by society) we de-energized.
In the evening, make a list of upcoming cases for tomorrow, and fit back the amount of time you have to devote to tomorrow what you make happy, to study, to meditate, to chores, to exercise and so on. To remember a list of upcoming cases for tomorrow, and at bedtime mentally survive tomorrow, filling it with light and joy. It seems that all you can come easily, quickly and with enthusiasm. To motivate yourself to these actions, use the principle of non-useless cases in favor of the utility, as described in the chapter of the first book: "In search of motivation." Why does it work? Because that's what we write, it is well accepted by our subconscious mind, and the next morning you will notice their determination to do what you have planned. And the best part, you will be surprised how much more you start to have time to do.
Create the habit of rolling up their sleeves and say to yourself: I WILL DO THIS JOB FOR 1 HOUR. All you have left yourself choice drove. The results will please you. What it takes to be successful? Nothing, except what to do and live the way they live successful people. The only difference between a successful person and a person with a low income, just in different habits.
The main excuse for many people — I do not have time. In that case you did at first, then we planned in the diary, and in the evening before to make a plan for tomorrow, take a look at how much time you were engaged in an activity, and particularly those things that, for some reason did not have time to do. You will see that in your life there are distractions. Useless communication in the network, by phone, online games, watching TV series, well, do all those old habits, which must be disposed of. Do not get rid of them, you will live your life with no — or change. The main task of our subconscious drive into the program: no sooner said than done.
Exercise and meditation help to set energy. These activities are a must perform daily. Do not be afraid that as the level of energy you will worsen chronic disease, it is quite favorable process. With increased energy potential increases all that is in our body, and thus begins the cleaning process.
Chapters from the book "Hedgehog in the Fog or output to the target" -2

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