Englishman amazed doctors: beat cancer without drugs

Englishman amazed doctors: beat cancer without drugsOnly doctors have decided to appoint a patient chemotherapy, it turned out — the tumor was gone!
In 60-year-old British retired teacher Peter Crane 18 months ago found the leukemia. He was offered a course of chemotherapy. But not immediately, but wait until there are clear signs of illness. Then, they say, the treatment will be effective.

Peter waited a half years … We can only guess what was going on in his heart. But when it's the next inspection, it turned out that a cancer-that Peter is no more! This was confirmed by blood tests.

To put it mildly, the doctors were amazed. Actually, this happens. But very rarely. Chance for a miracle — one in a hundred thousand.

— I'm shocked — said to Peter. — If my blood is normally 12 more months, I'll be officially recognized in perfect health!

— This is possible with some types of cancer that appears in people over 60, — explained Wanda Taylor of the British Cancer Research Center. — The immune system will try to fight the cancer cells, but, as a rule, can not cope. Because they can not "discern." And it worked, Peter "one hundred percent." Lucky you!

Experts comments

The gulf itself may even melanoma

— There are cases of self-healing, not only of blood cancer — even melanoma (skin cancer, the most common and aggressive type of cancer. — Comm. Aut.) People she disappeared-a, — says oncology surgeon, MD Denis Yudin. — Why is it that it is "turned on" in the body, modern medicine knows. But! That the cancer disappears, it is not always so good. With the same melanoma, if it persists, it is very good chance that it will be again. In even worse shape.

And sometimes, just "lame" diagnosis. Man incorrectly diagnosed. After a while, he makes repeated tests — but not cancer. And the patient says loudly, saying that I had no cancer drugs won! These cases are much more likely to happen than the present self-healing …

Alexander KUCHUK

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