Equipment «future soldier» can be taken within a month, said Dmitry Rogozin

Combat fighter equipment «Warrior» can be put into service in the near month, told reporters to RIA Novosti Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, on his visit to the plant. Degtyareva Kovrov.
The deputy head of the government said that tests equipment «coming fighter» «Actually completed.»
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Federation
«There are a few comments on Small Arms, which in recent years must be removed after this equipment will be accepted for service» — said Deputy Prime Minister.
Rogozin stressed that uniform, navigation and weapons that are part of your equipment, by its characteristics are similar to exceed the standards of NATO. «And we are responsible for their words» — summed Rogozin.

The total weight of the standard version of the suit and vest fifth class of protection is about 10 kg, the largest — with a helmet, body armor assault sixth grade protection broneschitkami for shoulders and hips — about 20 kg.

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