Even today, July 6


TO cloudy …

…a sunny, but with rain and lightning. Temperature: 18 — 25 ° C.

Do not pass:

In the House of the press in Belarus Yury Bokhan presentation of the book "Warriors of the Battle of Grunwald". Beginning at 11.00.

Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich acts Zaslaul Minsk district, where he will participate in the celebration of Kupala. Speech starts at 21.00 on the main town square.


President Barack Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyagu in Washington.

Serbian President Boris Tadic visited Montenegro.

On the football World Cup in South Africa, the Netherlands played against Uruguay in the first semi-final.


In 1785, the U.S. Congress decided to call the U.S. currency dollar.

In 1851 was born Belarusian poet Yanka Lucina (d. 1897).

In 1887 he was born in Vitebsk, the world-renowned Jewish artist Marc Chagall (d. 1985).

In 1935 was born the current spiritual leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama XIV,.

In 1962, he died an American writer William Faulkner (b. 1897), winner of the Nobel Prize in 1949.

There is a reason:

World Day kiss.

Statehood Day in Lithuania (July 6, 1253 the coronation of Mindaugas).

Day of the capital of Kazakhstan — Astana. Birthday Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Jan Hus Memorial Day — a national holiday Czech Republic. June 6, 1415 the great Czech religious preacher and reformer Jan Hus was burned Catholic Church for heresy.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom": "We decided to restart US-Russian relations."

Quote to remember:

"Facts and truth really do not have much to do with each other."

William Faulkner

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