Even today, July 9

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, world history

On the court:

  • Warm summers, rains and thunderstorms.

Do not pass:

  • The Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich in the capital — the festival of the historical and spiritual music and the opening of the exhibition "Grunwald for the haze of time."
  • Under Logoisk — international gathering of balloonists.

There, where we do not:

  • In Pakistan, the planned resumption of the hearing the court, which will consider the petition of Islamic leaders who accused Facebook of blasphemy.

Also this day:

  • 1357. In Prague, founded by Charles IV-bridge over the Vltava river, which to this day remains one of the main charms of the Czech capital. Astrologers allegedly advised the king to lay a stone in 5 hours, and 31 minutes in the morning, that date could be written as a symbolic string (year, day, month, time) that is readable from both sides 1-3-5-7-9-7-5 -3-1.
  • 1906. In the village Nikolaevshina held illegal Teachers Congress, dispersed by the police. For participation in it dismissed 13 teachers, among them Constantine Mickiewicz (Kolas).
  • 1950. In garnyatskim Yanakieva town was born the current president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, whose family comes from Belarus.
  • 2002. The castle complex "Mir" received a certificate for inclusion in the UNESCO List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

There is a reason:

  • Birthday Vladimir Neklyaeva.
  • Independence Day of Argentina.

Minus 365:

  • Information about the victim of swine flu kept secret

Quote to remember:

"The people do not happen on purpose."
Nyaklyayeu, from the poem "mutation" ..

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