Even today, May 17

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Wind …

…and overcast. The temperature plus 11-17.

Do not pass:

Trials of the participants in the Lenin Square and the Frunze district court of Minsk.

In the Supreme Economic Court case begins to close the "People's Will".


In Brussels, a meeting of finance ministers of the EU member states.

Britain's Queen Lizabeta II in Dublin (the first British monarch to visit Ireland since independence this country 1922).

King Abdullah of Jordan s meets U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov began a three-day visit to India.


In 1838, our countryman Domeyko first set foot on the Chilean earth. There he became a renowned scholar and a national hero in Chile. Domeiko journey by boat from the coast of France to the Chilean coast lasted two and a half months.

In 1931 died Metropolitan of Minsk and Belarus Melchizedek. In 1922, when the Belarusian Orthodox Church in Byelorussia declared their autonomy from Moscow, Metropolitan Melchizedek led this process of separation. As a preacher, he was known for his commitment to the Belarusian national revival and fell for it under the persecution of the Bolshevik secret services.

In 1950 Valery was born Novodvorskaja, the Russian political activist, dissident, journalist, founder and chairman of the Liberal Party "Democratic Union". And she was born in Belarus, Baranovichi.

In 1961 was born Enya, Irish singer and kampazytarka.

There is a reason:

World Information Society Day.

International Day Against Homophobia.

Norway's Constitution Day.

MINUS 365:

Yanukovich fell wreath

Quote to remember:

Ukraine — this is Russia, which has remained at home.

Sex — it's boring, I was reading!

If the U.S. attacked Russia, for us it would be good. For Russia it is better to be a U.S. state. But I think that we Americans are not needed. So we have to prepare for war with stupidity, degradation and restoration of the Soviet system.


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