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Six months in Belarus ban on drinking beer in public places. Outside, people really began to drink less, but this was not reflected in the overall grim statistic. Belarusians are now on average drink more than 12 liters of pure alcohol, despite the fact that according to international experts, the degradation of the nation begins after a volume of 8 liters per capita.

Of a threatening situation with an increase in alcohol consumption doctors, police alarm sounding for a long time. The figures that led the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs prevention Roman Melnyk, impressive. In 2005, Belarus every citizen consumes 8.7 liters of pure alcohol per year, and in 2009 — already 12.4 liters for everyone, including babies. Has anything changed in the last six months? Mr. Miller says:

Roman Melnyk

"Each of you have probably noticed that after all this harsh measure legislature gives its effect. We do not see in public places, so many young people on the street with bottles of beer, as before. But we have more than 129,000 raised for public nuisance associated with being in a public place while intoxicated, raspitstsem spirits, soft drinks and beer. "

Compared with 2005, together with an increase in sales of beer — from 22 to 49 liters per capita per year — there is an increase of 16.4% in the number of juveniles who abuse alcohol. The numbers are impressive: 1017 100 000 children in the pediatric population, to put it mildly, drink, says Roman Melnyk:

"We have attracted more than 5,000 minors for being drunk in public, for drinking alcohol. 5300 teen violated the law. And if you think about lyatentnasts when consumption was in the apartment, in the woods and it was not known … "

And although there are fewer of beer advertising, alcohol on television, in the media — the problems remain. Chief psychiatrist Andrei Alexandrov told of hidden advertising of drinking water under the famous brand "Bulbash":

Bottle in appearance is fully consistent with the bottle of vodka. Such a bottle of drinking water is not for sale anywhere else, it does not exist in nature.

"Bottle in appearance is fully consistent with the bottle of vodka. Such a bottle of drinking water is not for sale anywhere else, it does not exist in nature. But her face hung over the country. This is a hidden advertising, which is no longer prohibited. Against this, we are in favor because it is seen by children. "

Led the press conference and the terrible statistics. Head of the Prevention of the Ministry of the Interior Roman Melnyk says:

"194 murders were committed in a state of intoxication. The root cause of the crime was just alcohol. And 457 of the facts of causing grievous bodily harm. "

From alcohol poisoning last year Belarusians died in 1057, since the beginning of 2010 — six hundred sixty six experts are sounding the alarm: alcohol in Belarus is very affordable and prices: fruit and berry wine costs about 3 thousand, vodka — 8000, and despite the limitations , it's all sold almost around the clock. And in the countryside thrives samagonavarenne says Roman Melnyk:

"660,000 liters of alcohol seized already in This year,, and it is usually in the countryside. It is about moonshine and moonshine home-made beer. "

Andrei Alexandrov

One day the patient stay in the hospital alcoholism costs the state 50,000 rubles. But the efficiency is low: only 40% remain sobering for a year or more. Chief psychiatrist Andrei Alexandrov sure:

"If we talk about the costs of treatment and earnings, the European Region of the World Health Organization estimates the cost of alcohol at about 3-5%. Revenue from alcohol, the volume of retail trade of alcohol — less than 1%. We're spending a lot more than we earn. "

For many years, there is debate about injunctions. Mr. Miller expressed the opinion:

"As for the ban — this is a half-hearted measure. Restraining methods were never given a positive effect if they were not, so to speak, supported by psychology. But let's say, the correct approach to limit the hours of sale of alcohol in certain areas, certain stores — is also a shift. Someone will not be able to buy alcohol, drink it. And there will be somewhere in the scandal and the massacre. "


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