Exoskeleton «Hercule» from RB3D (France)

The use of motorized vehicles in the world today is quite extensive and varied. The main use of exoskeletons — the restoration of motor function in people with congenital or acquired limitation of motion. In addition, they are widely used to enhance the features of moving / lifting loads or movement. One of the main applications in this field — the armed forces, because the rise of movement and endurance of the 1st fighter is one of the main tasks of at least some modern army. Mechanical exoskeleton frame type allows the holder to do certain kinds of work with greater productivity or much faster than without it. Exoskeleton strengthens your back and legs winner that will help him take a payload of up to 100 kilograms. In the framework of the exoskeleton built electrical equipment actuators. For the interior of the electrical equip exoskeleton lithium-ion battery type.

Main developer company «RB3D», which have been fruitfully cooperating French Directorate of arms of the military department, the engineering school «ESME» and Institute «CEA LIST». On the demonstration swatch, set a place for securing cargo or haversack, made in the form of luggage on the back of the holder.

While this exoskeleton is seen in the Ministry of Defence of France as a possible project growth deployment of French infantry unit. The spectrum of the exoskeleton 20-100 pounds. Now, with the exoskeleton can not really carry natuzhivayas load weight of 20 kg at a speed of 4 km / h at a distance of 15-20 km. According to the developers exoskeleton «Hercule» will be ready for mass production in 2014. In the framework of the exoskeleton will add to the servo arms, and it will become more versatile to use. The basic direction — civilian and military sector is the use of mechanized equipment.

The whole complex of works on the traditional style, in other words, stalking movement committed owner, then increase them repeatedly, and repeats using the integrated servos. Features Compact on the French model, according to the developers is second only to the analogue of the American company "Lockheed Martin" — "HULS." In addition, while the French model of twice less than that of the South American exoskeleton "HULS."

In the military sphere, the exoskeleton can be used in urban combat, during loading and unloading operations of aircraft, vehicles, trains, during certain types of special operations with the use of languid arms and equipment. In the civilian sector in exoskeleton even more abilities:
— introduction to fire departments;
— introduction in the units involved in the elimination of unavoidable situations;
introduction in the units operating in the languid suits personal protective equipment;
— in the direction of honey.

Additional information
In Russia, just as there is a development of similar systems and complexes. One of the most recognizable in the present day Russian projects — Fighter-21.

It is a complex defense, including military equipment and integrated exoskeleton. Exoskeleton reduces the weight to be lifted properties and reduces sluggishness when carrying it. The development is so far on the stage of the project, and despite the fact that the developers say about the unique abilities and zabugornyh The advantage of such developments, it is unlikely that he will be the last time over and, much less, adopted for the Russian army.

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