Experimental SAU Object 327. Cannon outside the tower

One of the main problems in tank since the emergence of this trend technique was gassed the crew compartment. Time passed, there were new tanks, engines, instruments, and other systems. But a radical improvement criterion in the fighting compartment was not. Naturally, the first thought the second half of the XX century ejectors guns and kind of old fans improved the working conditions of the crew, but could not change the situation radically.

Significant improvement in the situation in the fighting compartment can be achieved only in 2 ways: either make it automatic and absolutely uninhabitable, or make tool beyond the boundaries of the internal volume of the tank. Specifically, the second idea was developed and implemented in the metal engineers design department of the Sverdlovsk plant "Uraltransmash." In 70 years in the department of special equipment of this size running NS Design Tupitsyna was the development of the modern self-propelled artillery "Object 237". The aim of the work was the creation of the modern self-propelled guns, which initially would be complementary to the troops SPG 2S3 "Acacia", and later completely replaced it.

As an experimental weapon for the modern self-propelled artillery systems were chosen 152-mm tool 2A36 laying down on the self-propelled "Hyacinth-S", and gun 2A33 of the same caliber. Dimensions, weight and efficiency of both guns claimed to-date chassis. She became the basis for the corresponding node of the T-72. Normal operation mnogokalibernogo guns should provide a brand new arrangement of rollers. They were mounted as before to 6 on the board, but now the front and rear three-rink three were placed close to each other. Also a big return 152-mm guns forced the suspension engineers tangible rework armored vehicles. Yet, all the revised chassis of the T-72, although there have been significant, still less perceptible, if the method of installation tools.

Sverdlovsk engineers for the first time in Russian practice carried breech gun beyond the crew compartment. In a constructive way it looked after images. At the birth place of landing of the tower T-72 tank was put special tower special form. For the form designers dubbed it the puck. This "Disc" could be rotated by 360 ° in the horizontal plane. Inside the tower housed a unique automatic feeding shells and liners are also jobs gunner and commander of the self-propelled guns. Of particular interest is the system of fixing the gun. In order not to put the breech inside the crew compartment and for all that retain the ability to focus is significant vertical angles, the axis of the lifting mechanism was placed almost at the very back of the breech. In the end, turned out to provide the latest self-propelled good corners immunity: round horizontally and 30 ° vertically.

Gun 2A33 and 2A36 were absolutely isolated from the crew and SPG "Object 327" was the first type of Russian armored vehicles, in which, by definition, does not appear the problem of ventilation of habitable volume. In addition, the increased space inside the car: the traditional setting 2A33 cannon inside the crew compartment of her breech would occupy about 70-75% of the total volume of the tower. As if not wanting to "spoil" the crew, the engineers' Uraltransmash "set for a seat automatic ammunition feed and mechanized stacking. Separate loading gun shots were extracted from laying served upstairs to the gun, and the gun the same shall be sent to the bolt. To aim at direct fire under control Tupitsyna designers have developed new Scope of the design. From past similar types of equipment he was different, "incarcerated" under implementation with an external tool on top of the tower.

In general, the "Object 327" was very, very exciting project. Maybe by going to the series, he would be able to change the type of self-propelled gun mounts around the world. But, as usual, did not work without problems. Most nuisance delivered what most original accommodation gun. Due to the highest point of application of force feedback in some cases, the car may shake, if not overturn. Because this sure fire was likely only in a relatively small sectors of the front and rear of the machine. Naturally, as required dovorot can be done with a track, but in this case the turning tower is fundamentally useless. 2nd hitch "Object 327" lay in the necessity of loading guns at great elevations. Bimbo mechanization supply of shells and automatic loader is often not working properly pay tribute, which led to delays in the shooting. Moreover, in the absence of solutions of this problem mechanic problems feeding and loading could lead to the fact that the crew would have had to get out from under armor protection and their hands to pull out jammed shell or liner. In the end, no doubt caused some security breech of the gun, placed outside of the hulls. Engineers considered the possibility of installing a special bronekoroba, but prototypes it was not installed.

Task automation of loading were both experienced instances of "Object 327". One of them was equipped weapon "Hyacinth", the second — 2A33. In both cases, there were problems with the rise of ammunition and chambering. Tests 2-propelled guns showed all the advantages and shortcomings of the method used to install guns and give hope for successful completion of the project. Yet, at the beginning of the 80's SPG "327" still had a number of problems. Despite the best efforts of the design office employees and workers' Uraltransmash "measured work throughout the mechanics could not reach. In principle, one could continue to work and all the same to bring automation to the brain. But the time Tupitsina and his companions were gone. The development of the department of special equipment almost stepping on the heels of another promising ACS. In the same design bureau of the plant "Uraltransmash" under the JV is already in full swing Tomashov created SPG 2S19 "MSTA-S". Much more conventional design 2S19 led to that of 2-projects — unusual, but the problem and "banal", but normal in production — was elected second.

In the middle of the 80s project "Object 327" was completely closed. Over the past few years from the time one of the most experienced instances of ACS, presumably, was utilized. Second instance, carrying on for themselves 2A36 gun in 2004 after a long presence at the test site was sent to the museum "Uraltransmash." The idea with armored crew compartment posted on the instrument until now considered to be unique and promising. Yet, to this day no similar self-propelled failed to reach large scale production.

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