Expert: Creating a military alliance in the Eurasian Union — stupid

RF need to focus on CSTO as its primary military company. This was stated by the chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defence, the chief editor of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko in Moscow during a round table discussion on "Prospects of Faraway (strategic) aviation of the Russian Federation — the first in the world of Russian bombers" Ilya Muromets "to a budding aviation Distant aviation complex (PAK DA), "the correspondent of IA REX, responding to a question about the ability of the creation of a military alliance in the Eurasian Union.

"We have the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and additionally create military Union within Eurasian Union silly. A set of distant aircraft can not be transferred to anyone else. These technologies are not subject to export — it's basic stuff. Another thing is that within the military missions could be involvement and strategic aviation, "- said the expert.

He is afraid of impermanence exports from Afghanistan: "It is possible that after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan may occur export of impermanence, and with the help of strategic aviation, we can make the danger to those who can make the problem of the Islamic threat."

Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Sharavin fears of destabilization in one of the countries allied with Russia — Tajikistan: "We need to develop the Collective Security Treaty Organization, not the newest company in the Eurasian Union. I think we are still in Tajikistan offering, as this is our ally, and external threat there is very close. "

The organization of the Contract (Collective SecurityCSTO) — The military-political alliance, made by several States of Eurasia (in a different time, the organization has joined voedinyzhdy from 6 to 9 countries) on the basis of the Contract, the Collective Security Treaty (CST). The composition CSTO We come home, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

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