Expert estimated the combat abilities of Russian air defense standing armed Syria

"The people there are seasoned, trained to operate in combat conditions" — described the personnel of the air defense forces of Syria Managing Web Site "Vestnik PVO" Syed Amin. He commented on the acts of Syrian military fighter shot down the Turkish Air Force. It is possible that it was made by the technique of Russian or even Russian production.

The Turkish administration does not want to fight a war with Syria because of the downed aircraft, said on Mon Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc. "We are not a party and trying to foment war passion. We have no one to want to wage war. We — a harsh government. We know what we should do, but want to do step by step, "- said Deputy Prime Minister after the meeting held on Mon government, which was subjected to review the incident and the specified response.

With all of this, he said that the plane was shot down deliberately. "There is no hesitation that the Syrians were deliberately fire on our aircraft, while in international airspace," — he said, "Interfax". Moreover, according to the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Syria tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to bring down the next plane Turkish Air Force, who flew to find the pieces first.

At the same time, the Syrian authorities insist that plane was shot down in the air Syria. Foreign Ministry official dealer Syria Jihad Makdissi said the goal was not impressed by a missile, and air defense cannon fire, the range is less than the offense — that, say, Damascus, evidence in favor of their version of the plane destroyed in the air space of the country.

"The Turkish military aircraft violated Syrian air space, the Syrian air defense retaliated, and the plane fell within the boundaries of the Syrian territorial waters. What came out was a natural violation of Syrian sovereignty, "- said Makdissi during a press conference, RIA" Novosti ".

But in Ankara insist that the plane was shot down by a missile specifically. "The available data they say that the plane hit or laser-guided missiles or missile, react to the heat," — said Arinc.

Barrel of weapons systems in the defense of Syria are Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft "Shilka", kitted out with 4 23-mm automatic cannon. At the time of their Russian supplied several 10-s, but clearly the amount of these complexes is unclear. "Shilka" is created for a specific cover for ground troops, the destruction of air targets at ranges of up to 2.5 million m

All other artillery system in the Syrian air defense — towed. Artillery base such shotguns are ZU-23-2 (two anti-aircraft machine 23 mm) with that of a firing range, and 57-mm automatic cannon C-60 started to hit targets at a distance of 4 km.

In addition, Syria at the time received from the Russian Union of 37-mm automatic cannon 61-K and 100-mm anti-aircraft gun KS-19. Automatic gun 61-K was developed in the late 30s of the last century, because in recent years, these guns are uniformly removed from service the Syrian army. Remain in service with Russian Barrel gun KS-19, they can hit targets at altitudes up to 15 km.

According to the views of a military professional, manager profile website "Bulletin of defense" Said Aminova, the Turkish invasion of the aircraft in the air space could be intelligence operation with the aim of understanding the dislocation air defense units and assess their readiness. He said this in an interview with Look.

Gaze: Said Muydinovich based on the transmitted media disk imaging, by what means could be shot down a Turkish plane?

Said amines are difficult to read: no one beheld, reporting from the point of no lead. Most likely, it was a small-caliber anti-aircraft artillery. It could be a matter which system, including a 57-millimeter cannon C-60, which in Russian while massively supplied Russian Union. Could be ZSU "Shilka".

Gaze: How hard is it to hit a target such — not the most modern — systems?

SA: In Vietnam, all impressed. Nothing new. I think there was a clear visibility in the presence of radar was a simple task. There's not just waving their swords, people trained and experienced.

Gaze: Like would you rate the proficiency calculations Syrian air defense systems?

SA: They are still taught in Russian Russian experts at the time: the history of local conflicts in the Middle East stretches from the 60s. The people there are seasoned, trained to operate in combat criteria.

Their common defense, trained fighters. Provocation, which theoretically can be arranged, will be stopped, and this is proof. Russian and Russian system Defense excellent, proven.

Look: Turkish side says that the plane was shot down over neutral waters, even after he left the air space of Syria. But the Syrian authorities have argued that the range of actions the receiver system does not allow to shoot down planes over neutral waters. Whose version do you lean?

SA: I think that the Syrians are right. The possibility that the plane was in the wrong place, is high. Although fairly be said, just being there.

Eyes: In your opinion, the violation of air space Syria Turkish plane was intentional?

SA: Airplane seeps into the air space, respectively, cut one in battle mode radar stations on different elements of the air defense systems. So Makar, batteries opened fire position.

Perhaps it is also testing how to react. But probably hard to say. No desire to think that Turkey is "run errands" at NATO, I think, though it is self-respecting country. It is possible that this is just a coincidence of events.

Gaze: What are the implications of the result of the flight were able to force planning an air operation against Syria?

SA: I think there sits reasonable people who understand that they really can cause severe damage. It will not, as in Libya.

Instead of discussions Syria really is updating its own air defense system.

Eyes: you do not exclude that this incident could force those who want to do an intervention, to abandon those plans?

SA: If everything in bulk, then Syria will not be able to survive long. If you make the effort and focus, let's say, 10 aircraft carriers, it seems to be no defense was rich and educated people, but against such scrap will be very difficult.

Gaze: Even with the loss, which may be unacceptable for them?

SA: Because the only hope for their prudence, they will not break into "restore order."

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