Expert: If the Germans can be combined into one government, then why not do it Russian?

"Initiative to collect signatures for union Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, which started in the metropolitan church of St. Nicholas on the Three Mountains, says that in our people have strong historical continuity of generations, a sense that the Great Russians, Little Russians (Ukrainians) and Belarusians — this is one people, "- said on September 27, REGNUM correspondent Ukrainian political analyst and columnist for the "Rush Hour", a member of the expert team of the foreign edition of "International Life", an analyst at the Center of limited research MSU. Vladislav Gulevitch University.

Recall September 21 in Moscow began collecting signatures for a referendum on the unification of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine. In the church of St. Nicholas on the Three Mountains, the abbot of which is the head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society of the ROC, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, opened for signature Charter of reunification Russian, Belarusians and Ukrainians. Charter may be signed at least some hope. "We, the heirs of thousands of years of history and majestic civilization, experience creation, good neighborliness, cooperation and valor of our Protz, united by a common culture and a joint venture arrangement for and protection of our land, at the reunion will take all the best from the practical experience of our people," — said document.

According to the views of Gulevich already voiced criticism of collecting signatures for a referendum on the unification of, Belarus and Ukraine are often unsustainable, "Malicious comments of individuals, denouncing the initiative, suggests that certain circles it is not like that. their reasons are touched: the church is to be divided by country, collecting signatures — this is nonsense. commentators, so show your mental dependence on the commonplaces of secular dogma and ordinary stamps. "

"Who has separated the church from the country who took the idea of a municipal sacred dimension, giving it a milky utilitarian and gone-secular character? Western positivism and its political offspring — liberalism. At many" professionals "do not even have enough breadth of vision to behold own mental slavery and uncritical perception of propaganda clichés already falling in price. Our after the collapse of the USSR, many are so accustomed to bow to Western political thought that continue to do so to this day. Their entire political discourse is painted in the colors of the flag of South American — continued Gulevitch. — And many critics of the idea of unity of the three fraternal republics of East sing in advance harvested notes, as other notes they do not know and do not write in their own state. creates a strong belief that these so-called "critics" are working on the Western agitprop. bring up enemies and consolidation of unity in the camp of their own as possible enemy — the supreme ideological acrobatics, and recognize, the West did it. When many specialists open their mouth, it seems as if talking "Voice of America" or "Radio" Liberty. " Where is independent thinking? Where own geopolitical meanings? They are not. Instead primitive imitation, repetition become painfully familiar "pseudo-truths" a la Zbigniew Brzezinski. "

Gulevitch believes that the address was criticized initiative to collect signatures for a referendum is only relevant in the context of the methods of its implementation, but not really the idea, because "The idea of holding a referendum on the unification of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine geopolitically and economically justified. "Ukrainian political analyst said:" If the Germans can be combined into a unified government, why not do it Russian? A Russian, remember, this is the Great Russians and Little Russians and Belarusians. Disclaimer of politonym "Russian" is not going in our favor. It creates a temptation for many, greedy for extraneous suggestion to change his nationality at the latest, as if stained shirt. "

"This is particularly felt in the Ukraine, where trying to keep quiet about the western Russian heritage. Indeed, once the most Russophobian region of the country — the West Ukrainian region — was the scene of a hard confrontation western Russian idea and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which in the fight against Russian self-awareness of local inhabitants relied on Ukrainophiles often races with denunciations to the Austrian gendarmes — said Gulevitch. — But the story of the Ukrainian movement Ukrainian schoolchildren and students do not know.'s not allowed, regardless of the freedom of speech and the pretty phrases — on another instead of critics and scoffers will be a staunch advocate of all-Russian unity . "

As reported IA REGNUM, a number of Belarusian and Ukrainian public figures and professionals responded positively on the initiative to collect signatures for a referendum on the unification of, Belarus and Ukraine. Commenting on the initiative, on September 26, Ukrainian politician Spiridon Kilinkarov said: "But I know that at some point we'll still be together. And I'm sure that coming from Ukraine to the European Union no. Ukraine's future can only be a single economic space , the Eurasian Union, the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. our interests there. We fully equally need each other. Sovereignty RF and Ukraine — it's all the same, that the sovereignty of the kidney and liver in one body. "

Commenting on the initiative, on September 27, candidate of historical sciences, chairman of the Minsk Society of Russian Culture "Rus" Valentine Teplova said: "The historical past proves that the alliance RF, Belarus and Ukraine provides an economic, political and cultural prosperity of our peoples. "

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