Expert: Supply Mace in the army is a hasty decision and is not safe for the fleet

According to the views of the former head of the press service of the Defense Ministry, military analyst Viktor Baranets, Russian authorities were quick to adopt the adoption of naval strategic nuclear forces of the Russian missile complex "Bulava". The expert told that his statements about how the supply of missiles will be carried out in the army, Nikolai Makarov, the chief of staff, called "horse whinny" at professionals. At the same time, other military analysts do not agree with Barantsov, which criticizes hasty decisions about the "Bulava".

On the further decision-missile system "Mace" by the Russian Army said Alexander Sukhorukov, the first Deputy Minister of Defense. According to him, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has already prepared a corresponding decree.

Baranez told that because the creators of the "Bulava" first went on an adventure, trying to unify the land complex "Topol" missile system to the sea, once the rocket began prepyadstviya. The reason for this, in his view, were the structural deficiencies which have worsened the "human factor." But the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov, giving comments about the failure to launch last weekend, has referred specifically to the "human factor". He said that the main premise of failed test missile "wings in the human factor, where the man was doing his job unprofessional."

As a result, the missile "Bulava" was not finalized tribute way and now, according to the views of a military professional, she can "fly the wrong way or do not fly." Baranez with bitter irony saw Russian fleet will be afraid, "Bulava" is more than foreign.

Recall that the test missile complex "Bulava", which was developed by scientists of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology, started in 2004 and for a long time were unsuccessful. The missile carried a submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" and "Dmitry Donskoy" — from the submarine and surface position. After 5 poor starting during which rocket self-destructed in the twenty seconds of flight, resigned Yuri Solomonov, who was previously CEO and chief designer of the Institute developer.

Changes have occurred since 2010, when there have been several successful launches in a row. Of the 18 perfect launch "Bulava" 11 were successful according to the planned scenario.

In December of last year was the last salvo launch of missiles "Mace" on board the nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" snow-white sea of water. After that, President Dmitry Medvedev made a statement about the decision on missile weapons, without naming, but a time-bound.
Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported that the submarines of the "Northwind", that are equipped with "Bulava" will go on armament Russian navy summer.

According to the views of Victor Baranets, missile complex "Bulava" in a hurry to take on armament before the presidential election, as employees of the Ministry of Defence are afraid of losing their jobs after the arrival of the new head of the country. Military analyst said that the story of the "Bulava" is pure adventure dictated and election criteria, and the fact that such pre-election atmosphere of some ministers, designers, admirals seek to consolidate their position, so that the new Russian authorities have not punished for this story. The expert said that the head of the General Staff went so far that said that rocket will be introduced in parts, which caused a "horse whinny" in the ranks of professionals. With all this Baranez added that the missile "raw" and in this form it will be more a danger most of the Russian army, if the armed forces of the enemy.

At the same time, with the views of Baranets disagree Vladimir Yevseyev, an expert on missile systems. He believes that if a responsible approach to training, then there is nothing to fear. According to the views of Evseeva not to put missile "Bulava" adopted Russian army can not, because two submarines of the "Northwind", which developed the missile and hitherto remained without guns.

According to the professional, the more severe the problem with the "Bulava" resolved, as evidenced conducted series of successful launches. The remaining minor deficiencies can be overcome with proper accompanied by the rocket. And for this it is necessary that the submarine, which is armed with "Bulava", for some time there were representatives of the developer.

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