Experts warn that patients with depression will increase


It is also considered that relatives sometimes depression is 10-15 years younger. Now it mainly occurs in those who have reached 40 years of age. Between 40 and 65 years suffer from depression at every 10 minutes, of which 2/3 — female. After 65 years the number of patients with depression tripled. Experts call for scholars, practitioners and farmakolyagav develop common approaches in dealing with this serious mental illness.

Genetic and civilizational nature of depression

In the medical world, there are a variety of theories about the causes of this disease and how to treat it.

"We, the doctors often hear from relatives of our patients with depression: a loved one, once so active and cute, suddenly turned into a fuddy-duddy, kept to himself, began to consider themselves inferior, and the world around us — unfair to him," — says a leading professor psyhanevrolyag University Hospital with German Aahenu Frank Schneider.

But, adds the professor, depression does not happen overnight. The process of development has long-term nature, hidden even from the patient's immediate environment. In the beginning all spisvaetstsa the bad mood, so-called "Black bars" in life, when, together with any nuisance or even a tragedy come guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, excessive self-criticism, depression and fatigue, reduced activity, indifference to those who are near. ..

If these subjective experiences have severe long-term nature, and added to them a lack of appetite, decreased sexual desire, sleep disorders, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, thoughts of suicide, then we have a full clinical picture of the disease.

Professor Schneider agrees with those scholars who linked human tendency to depression primarily to hereditary factors. For example, with a deficit of such important neurotransmitters like seratonin, which affects the mind and mood. Also, depression can arise from extreme stress on the brain in the case of stress, as a by-product of certain medications or a symptom of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis of the arteries of the brain, brain injury, or even the flu.

The causes of depression German professor and also adds a factor of modern civilization, as a replacement for a real virtual contacts. The younger generation is increasingly prefer virtual social networks than meetings with relatives, friends and acquaintances. But this is not the same replacement. A virtual friendship is not conducive to the development of much-needed for normal vital activity of the hormone is oxytocin, which is produced in a real meeting. As a result, the problem of loneliness and depression is becoming more typical not only for the elderly, but also for younger people.

Major depression who had a lot of famous people, including composers Ludwig van Beethoven (depression was caused by a buildup of deafness), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the painter Vincent van Gogh (in the doldrums, he cut off his ear, and later committed suicide), the poets John Keats , Sylva Platt, politician Winston Churchill and others …

In Western physicians is no single approach to the treatment of depression

According to Western psyhanevrolyagav, depression quite well to treatment.

Quite often used medykamentoznaya therapy — treatment with drugs that turn down the deficit seratonin. It is believed that usually to relieve depression, enough medykamentoznaga six-month course. Of course, if the patient wants to help themselves.

"Patients taking anti-depressants for a few weeks, do not be nervous of what does not see results. Usually the effect comes only a few months," — says German expert Frank Bergman. In addition, the patient should inform the doctor in great detail about the effect on him of a drug. "Particular caution should cause sudden changes in mood, euphoria, — he says. — In this case, we have to replace the drug. Independently stop taking an antidepressant can not in any case."

Today the most popular in the world antidepressants — drugs such as "Prozac" and "Seraksat". Only one of England in 2008, these medicines have been issued more than 30 million times.

Meanwhile a number of well-known representatives of the Western Psychiatric schools celebrate the many side effects of these drugs. As research scientists of the New York Medical College at the University of Karnelskim in men taking antidepressants may decrease the ability to conceive. Cells with damaged DNA structure in their sperme was 30% more than men who have never been treated for depression.

In turn, the specialists at the University of British Gal believe that increased levels of seratonin in the brain occurs primarily because of the faith of the patient in tsudadeynasts drug. Scientists believe that as well, you can use dummy pill (placebo), while making a bet on a complex technique that combines cognitive psyhaterapiya, psychoanalysis, exercise, gipnaterapiya, medytatsyya.

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