Farlyan-tailed eagle and the Uruguayan Mazurka

Uruguayans society — a team that gave African FIFA World Cup is one of the best football thrillers. I mean quarter-final against Ghana. Uruguay — a team that nearly made a brilliant comeback in the semi-final against Holland prematurely relaxed. And many thanks to the Uzbek referee Ravshan Irmatavu for having slipped a little time to Uruguayans were able to organize the final attack. Holland vlyaknula, but reflected. Who knows what could have happened if Farlyan felt better and finish the match to the end — in the very last desperate attack lacked its light forelock and aquiline nose.

Dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg

Uruguayans are sometimes confused the ball and heads of opponents

Uruguay national team — in a sense the football proletariat with a small (of more than 3 million people) of the country on the left bank of La whip. They made their way through the FIFA World Cup play-off with Costa Rica. Yes, they are two-time champions of the world, but how long ago it was!

With the Dutch team is the opposite: the World Cup it won not once, but sits among football aristocrats. In the qualifying tournament for the World Cup Orange won 8 out of 8 matches. In South Africa, the first in the Netherlands mundyyali issued out of the group and before Sunday's finale did not lose a full score — all matches van Marviyka team won.

The only weak point of the Dutch national team — is the position of central striker. Van Persie and Huntelaar effective — killed only one, quite alone goal. While the rest of galeadorski impact pulls bald midfield duo Sneijder — Robben (together zbatsali 7 — more than half of all Dutch goals in South Africa).

A vrugvaytsy will play in the match for third place on Saturday. Padlechytstsa Farlyan, after suspension back on the field fellow striker Suarez — his hand that stopped the ball in the last seconds of extra time in the quarter-final against Ghana, African newspaper called the "Hand of the Devil." In any case, the authorities of Uruguay are preparing a grand welcome their heroes back home — wrote about this Uruguayan newspaper on the eve of the semi-finals. Former champions regained a bit of ancient glory.

Thereafter mundial me irresistibly want to ever get to Uruguay. Go to the stadium, "Sentenarye", where he was fully played the first football World Cup. And also try to find a Belarusian roots in the genealogy One of the most famous goalkeepers of the last century — Ladyslao Mazurkiewicz, the son of immigrants, who in his native Uruguay called "Mazurka" …

The third goal against Uruguay goalkeeper Muslery



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