Farmers in the Brest region is not enough land

In Brest region there was a conflict between the farmer and the local authorities. Require the owners of land to expand their land holdings.

Farmer of Ostromechevo Olga Taryshava from 2004 refers to the local authorities to replace it on a plot of land, which was be near her village. It is engaged in the cultivation of vegetables. This kind of activity requires a high-quality land. Regional officials have decided to allocate land her in a nearby village, which is six kilometers.

Taryshava: "I'm from the proposed refused. Twenty years I have not been to several times daily for six kilometers to go. I'm tired of over five years of struggle with them. Guess what my next step will be a hunger strike. I have nothing to buy even bread and for the sake of principle, they do not give me the plot. "

Deputy chairman of the village council Lyschinsky Nicholas Mikhalchik says that today impossible to satisfy the needs and desires of everyone who makes a request to get the land.

Yuri Krivonosov all decided to give up farming, as the authorities do not give a suitable ground. Farmer said that the land was allocated to him on the hill. It is extremely difficult to cultivate. The host asked the local administration to allocate him a few acres near the house. While the appeal is not answered.

Krivonosov: "I asked to allocate two hectares of land, I give up farming I will work on this land for themselves. Land belongs to the Board of Agriculture, not the farm. I do not have time to ride back and forth. I have more than 50 years. At work here we do not take, I have two degrees, but that's the good of it … What are we, sit down to die? "

Chief Agronomist Agricultural Cooperative "Ostromechevo" Oleg Burak meeting with the farmer said that the population density and the amount of land is not the same. Earth just sorely lacking. He is convinced that the land allocated to farmers, not inferior in quality to the field of co-operative:

The conflict continues, farmers are now considering the application at the district and regional administrations.

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