Fateful day of fiery features: dark burn, light will remain

February 10, 2013 21:00

Soon, soon, soon will come the day — make or break for the planet. Day, meaning the final offensive of the New Age. Sets after this experience the cleansing fire of the day, not only space, but also the human aura.

Dark aura will burn completely, and who will have a particle of light, at least a spark it will remain on the planet, because they break out sparks from contact with fire purifying light unprecedented.

Temnyky forms will burn with auras, and will no longer be given to them in order for the new planet. Brown — is space debris.

See our hearts burning fiery tidings of the coming Satya Yuga.

Fateful day of fiery features

It seems that everything is the same: humanity is their everyday concerns, did not change direction. Where is this Satya South, where its light where newness of life of the planet?

And she began to climate change, to change the polarity of the planetary, the construction of the new power of the magnet, created for the New Age.

Thus began Satya South and as it phased approval, come and significant, and visibility of its victorious march of the planet and humanity.

Warrior of Light

Be ready, my warriors, all will be needed to help the ignorant, horrified, terrified. Urge all of you to the readiness vigilant.

Fatigue should not interrupt the aspiration to serve the cause of my. Fatigue can cause dark entities that try to extinguish the fire of aspiration. Warrior of Light must always bear watch, always be ready for battle. You can not lose vigilance, or dark energy poison will cause even disease.

Always on patrol should be thought brave, thought the soldier. And the strength of will be maintained by it. Thought is creative, courageous and selfless thought have weapons and armor of a warrior my mill.

Come to Me

Come to me, offended, humiliated and come unto me, come to me suffering, — heating all their love.

Freedom from darkness

Soon there will be freedom from the darkness in the world, will soon make peace, equality and unity in the world of humanity. Cleanliness and good will life on it, clean and light shine upon the hearts of men.

So be it. I said.

Day welcome

That day comes. The highly anticipated, it will come unexpectedly, day one, day — a new era. And, coming up to the Fire line from the era of the black era of Light, will be or are missing in it through its Fire Gates, or remain in the dark. And the darkness will be dispelled, banished from the planet, along with its inhabitants.

So happened cosmic justice: who with what comes to the final Pale Fire, and will remain so. Who amassed Light will live in a blaze of light, who amassed the darkness, and that it will disappear.

Let this knowledge will become the property of all mankind, so we send it in our thought-forms.

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