Firing the Russian factor in the upcoming presidential election?

Society These topics discuss co-chair of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Paul Seviarynets and chief editor of the online edition of the "Solidarity" Alexander Starykevich. The program is hosted Sergei Navumchyk.

In the transmission of sound in the air Sunday, July 11. And now offer you its fragments.

Starykevich: "If gepatetychna consider Moscow does not support Lukashenko, while the other candidate, it seems that the information resource this matter is not the main thing. Decide whether the Russians will, making a split in the range of looking for "traitors" and surrounded by Lukashenko. Because otherwise, that would not be an information campaign on the results of the elections under the current system will not be affected. "

"Those who are tempted by the opposition to be" pro-Russian "candidate — they are just used by Moscow and after some conscious, some — are not aware of and continue to play on this field. On I think, it is absolutely useless. Belarusian opposition candidates do it pointless and, above all, more profitable and scary. "

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