FN SCAR assault rifle

At the end of the 2003 Special Operations Forces Command of the United States (US Special Operations Command — US SOCOM) issued a request for gun manufacturers to the latest modular assault rifle for fighters US SOCOM, designated as SOF Combat Assault Rifle — SCAR (combat assault rifle for special forces. Operations) . This request contains the requirements that differed from the demands made by a little earlier by the U.S. Army to the latest promising assault rifle XM8, currently being developed for the U.S. by the German company Heckler-Koch.

After a year-long competition is actually in December 2004 command of US SOCOM officially announced that the competition has overcome SCAR system presented by well-known South American subsidiary of the Belgian company FN Herstal — FNH USA Inc. In the middle of 2005 new rifles that have received official designation Mark 16 / Mk.16 SCAR-L and Mark 17 / Mk.17 SCAR-H. They are already coming in force of the South American special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is understood that in the foreseeable future Mk.16 and Mk.17 rifles will change in service with the South American special forces are "old times" of the system as a 5.56mm M4 carbines and rifles M16, and M14 rifles and takzhe7.62mm Mk. 25 (sniper).

SCAR rifle system comprises two basic options guns — "light" rifle Mk.16 SCAR-L (Light) and "languid" rifle Mk.17 SCAR-H (Heavy). The main differences between the SCAR-L and SCAR-H will be used ammunition — rifle SCAR-L are calculated only on the caliber cartridges 5.56h45mm NATO (as with ordinary bullets M855, and the more languid bullets Mk.262). Rifle SCAR-H as a basic weapon would use a much more powerful cartridge 7.62h51mm NATO, with the possibility, after the substitution of the necessary components (valve, the trunk, the lower part of the receiver with the receiver stores) and use the other cartridges.
The list of "other" calibers for rifles SCAR-H comes only as long as Russian 7.62×39 M43 cartridge, and the cartridge with the rifle SCAR-H is to use stores of Kalashnikov AK / AKM. In both configurations, the SCAR basis are required to have three possible configurations — the standard "S" (Standard), a shortened for close combat "CQC" (Close Quarters Combat) and the sniper "SV" (Sniper Variant).

Changing the option will be in the criteria for base substitution method forces the barrel of the soldier or unit armorer. In all variants of the SCAR will have a monotonous device, the same controls, the same procedures for maintenance, repair and cleaning, it is very likely the interchangeability of parts and accessories. Interchangeability of parts Mezhuyev variations rifles will be about 90%. This modular system will provide South American special forces are very flexible tool, adaptable to just though what the set task, from a close battle in the town to meet the challenges of sniper shooting at medium ranges (500-600 meters).

FN SCAR rifles are gas operated engine-automatic, with little progress separate from the bolt carrier gas piston, located in gas block on the barrel. Butterfly valve has three lugs, locking is performed for breech. The receiver consists of a 2-halves — the top, which are installed in the barrel and slide group, and the bottom, which are made in the store and the receiver module of the trigger. The lower half of the receiver is made of a polymer, the upper — of aluminum. The halves are joined among themselves with 2 transverse pin in front and the rear. The trunks are removable, fixed to the upper half of the receiver with 2 cross bolts. The substitution of the barrel requests a minimum of tools and takes a couple of minutes.

The trigger is a two-way lever interpreter modes of fire / fuse that provides single shots or bursts. Limiting the length of the queue to trigger FN SCAR is not provided. Cocking handle can be installed on the left and on the right side of the gun, why on both sides of the top of the receiver has the proper slot.

In the rifle a mechanism slide stop, stopping the gate in the open position for all cartridges are fired in the store. Turning off the slide stop button is on the left side of the gun above the receiver stores. Button Lock Shop is executed on both sides of the gun. Release liner is carried out through the window on the right side of the receiver, which is placed behind the reflector shell casings, which allows the rifle to shoot from the left shoulder.

On the top surface of the receiver, as the fore-end on the edges and bottom rails are placed type Picatinny rail for mounting sights and other accessories. Rifle nominally equipped with a portable open sights, consisting of a folding adjustable diopter rear sight in range, and a folding front sight. In addition, the rifle can be installed on any day or night sights with the proper brackets. The butt of all variants FN SCAR rifles pull out sideways. It is made of plastic and allow adjustment of the length to adapt under certain each arrow. Additional Soup contain a new 40mm grenade launcher and a removable front handle, inside Kotoy posted a small bipod for shooting prone to stop.

Weight, kg: 3,19 (SCAR-L CQC)
3,3 (SCAR-L STD)
3,49 (SCAR-L SV)
3,512 (SCAR-H CQC)
3,621 (SCAR-H STD)
3,72 (Scar-H SV) without magazine

Length, mm: 796/548 (SCAR-L CQC)
890/642 (SCAR-L STD)
991/737 (SCAR-L SV)
886/638 (SCAR-H CQC)
960/712 (SCAR-H STD)
1067/813 (SCAR-H SV) with unfolded / folded

Barrel length: 353 (SCAR-L CQC)
351 (SCAR-L STD)
457.2 (SCAR-L SV)
330 (SCAR-H CQC)
406 (SCAR-H STD)
508 (SCAR-H SV)

Cartridge: 5,56 × 45 mm NATO (SCAR-L)
7,62 × 51 mm NATO (SCAR-H)

Caliber, mm: 5,56 (SCAR-L)
7,62 (SCAR-H)
Working arrangements: removal of powder gases, butterfly valve

Rate of fire, rds / min: 600-650 (SCAR-L)
575-625 (SCAR-H)

The initial velocity, m / s: 875 (SCAR-L)
802 (SCAR-H)

range, m: 600 (effective for sniper versions)

Feed system: detachable box magazine shop in:
30 (SCAR-L)
20 (SCAR-H) cartridges
Sights: removable diopter, a Picatinny rail for mounting different scopes

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