Following Sannikov condemn Khalip

This week will continue three trials for Square in the dock are 16 opposition activists, including former presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry Uss, Nyaklyayeu. Today will be sentenced three defendants for their participation in the rally and march on December 19: Irina Khalip, Sergei Martseleva, Paul Seviarynets.


Journalist Khalip, perhaps for the first time today since December 19 last year will be released on the street with his son Danica. This will be a boon for the kid, who on Sunday was 4 years old. As is the fact that out of their apartment finally leave the KGB, which in January provide the conditions of house arrest for Irene. This will happen if the judge Jeanne Brysina Irina announce the verdict, not the severity of the one who asked the prosecutor — two years imprisonment, suspended for two years. About Daddy Danica still say he is on a business trip — the judge Partyzanski District Court of Minsk Natalia Chatsvyartkova last Saturday and determined the duration of this "business trip", condemning Andrei Sannikov up to 5 years in prison medium security.

Meanwhile, the father of Irina Khalip Vladimir still not fully believe that Irina may receive non-custodial sentence, he did not rule out that the judge District Court Condo Jean Brysina can affect something, even at the last minute before the verdict. As much — two years, suspended for two years — the prosecutor asked for the head of Staff Nikolai Statkevich Sergei Martseleva, for the leader of the BCD Paul Sevyarinets — Three years of "chemistry." A softer approach to them due to the fact that they are not charged with "riot" and "participation in group activities that breach public order." According to this article, softer sanctions — up to three years in prison.

The same approach is waiting and 6 opposition activists, led by former candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, who are tried in the Frunze district court of Minsk. They were also accused of "group activities that breach public order." Their process is also nearing completion.

In the Leninsky district court to continue proceedings against Statkevich, Dmitry Uss and 5 participants Square, which is judged by the article "riots." These defendants could face up to eight years in prison and Statkevich and Uss as organizers — to 15.

For all these processes are closely monitoring the Belarusian human rights activists, this requires kaardyanatsyya forces BHC, "Spring", and other organizations, human rights activist says Valentin Stefanovich:

Valentin Stefanovich

"I think we will be coming out at the end on a common document with a general assessment of what happened, including how the courts have held, in view of the preliminary investigation, because of the many ways we can speak. And in view of the statements that were before, and the fact that one of these days Andrei Sannikov told we can already say and conclude that the investigation was accompanied by flagrant

Talk about some fair trials simply do not have …

violations of fundamental rights. First of all, the right to defense. As well as that used unlawful methods of investigation, torture and so on. Therefore, in such circumstances, to talk about some fair trials simply do not have. "

Many processes over the participants visited the Plaza dissident and political prisoner of the Soviet times Sergei Hanzhenkov, sentenced to 10 years in prison camps in Mordovia for trying to destroy the tower of the Minsk-radyeglushylku. Mr. Hanzhenkov compares with its current processes, which took place in the post-Stalin era:

Sergei Hanzhankov.

"Of course, it reminds me of my process, first of all recalls the complete absence of the judicial system, because there is no competition of the parties is not in sight. Both then and now. Then it was sincere. And now they pretend that they are something listen to, and the decision will not be imposed on this court. "

Yet in the Soviet time, the courts have been more severe, they are operated judges and prosecutors-Stalinists, self-righteous, says Hanzhenkov, the court is not allowed even a smile, not like shouting support at address political prisoners. Now the modern dissidents on trial cynics said Sergei Hanzhenkov:

"And in this way, our hope. Because then was impenetrable wall. And now it will collapse like a house of cards. Has only one card to pull this — and everything."

Mr. Hanzhenkov recalls that during the Soviet era dissident was not worth

Now it will collapse like a house of cards. It is necessary to pull this one card — and all …

count on acquittal or at least a lighter sentence, but now it sometimes happens in Belarus suspended sentence or a fine. On the other hand, in Soviet times, Belarus did not have as many prisoners as they are now. At present, for the area have already been convicted 27 people, 24 of them remained behind bars. Today will be announced three more sentences.

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