For criticism of the ROC blogger can get in a mental hospital

The blogger and human rights activist Maxim Efimov

The blogger and human rights activist Maxim Efimov

Investigators need to authorize the psychiatric evaluations, as usual did not give results.
Moscow, May 12. Blogger Maxim Efimov, last year criticized the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church, may be admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward. Insist on it, investigators from Karelia, "Interfax".
Blogger charged with inciting hatred or enmity towards the church. December 31 last year, he published a post titled "Karelia sick of priests," which spoke negatively about the Russian Orthodox Church and clergy in Karelia. In the spring of 2012 with respect to the blogger was prosecuted under Article 282 of the Criminal Code "inciting hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity."

In April, the men searched the apartment and seized "documents, a home computer and electronic media."

"In the Petrozavodsk city court found that the investigator made an application for custody M.Efimova to hospital for forensic psychological and psychiatric examination", — told representatives of the human rights association "Agora," which protects the blogger in court.
Forensic psychiatric expert committee was unable to reach an unambiguous conclusion about the health of your online website and recommended an inpatient forensic psychological and psychiatric examination.
As pointed out by the human rights organization, is no proof that the Efimov was the purpose to stir up hatred or hostility, when he published the said post, no. The suspect is sure that the investigator did not provide evidence that the text contains statements that justify the need or claim of genocide, mass arrests, deportations, committing other illegal acts, including the use of violence against adherents of a particular religion.
It is noteworthy that no priest is not applied to the court for the publication.

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