For the Godfather arrested Krycheu edition of the newspaper The Free City

In Krichevo staff of the district police seized copies of the independent newspaper "Free City". According to the editor Sergei irregularities in the publication was the information about the scandalous film, Russian NTV "The Godfather." This was the reason for the confiscation of the newspaper, the journalist said:

"Only 297 copies were seized. Violations of the law was not on our side, as the unregistered edition can be printed in a quantity of 299 copies. The police officers abandoned, nonetheless, give away copies. Refusal they motivated by the fact that the paper was sent for examination to the prosecutor's office. This is a legal absurdity. The prosecutor's office does not do so. We have already written a complaint to the prosecutor's office. We have demanded in writing from the chief of the district police department Vadim Kovalev, we returned to the newspaper ", said by telephone," Freedom "Sergey uneven.

Says Uneven three police the rank of lieutenant first arrested at the bus station Krychau courier who brought the circulation of the publication of Smolensk. There it is printed. And in the police seized papers themselves.


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