For the money, everything is possible: how to sell star names and lands on the moon

October 20, 2012 1:09

In Russia, this business has become a stream. Two weeks ago, caused a scandal at the Moscow Planetarium. The neighbors can count to five major sites that offer money in your honor to the name of the star. And each of the sites says that he has the exclusive rights to the catalog of stars, naming competitors charlatans. Belarus has managed to find only one "star representative," and only one "lunar consulate" — to the "Lunar Embassy" we still have not grown.

I'll give you a star. Any sort of

Crudely decorated texts with frequent grammatical and factual errors, the emotional suggestions to name, if not buy a star, claims that everything is in a similar business (of course, except the organizers of the site) — scam. Most often, all that is placed on a fixed black star background. In fact, so look almost all of the sites that offer to sell star names. However, in Belarus found only one "star representative" — a site In fact, this page of the site Belarusian, which we describe below.

"In accordance with the established rates of LLC" International Star Catalog … "- strict formulaic phrases, of course, gives the impressiveness stellar Price, laid out there.

So, the star of the 15th magnitude can be given any desired name for only 25 euros, the star of the 6th magnitude — for 650 euros. On the value of names for the biggest stars Credits tactfully silent: "The cost of naming stars from the 1st to the 5th magnitude is contractual. To be considered for the order of these stars you need to submit a request that will be considered at a special meeting of the Board of LLC "International Star Catalog" and the subsequent approval of the proposed name of the founders and members of the Federation of Cosmonautics. "

"Additional services" are truly tremendous and will cost you between $ 1 and 1,000 euros "from above" to the value of the name. 5 euro you will receive an e-mail even sound any newfound star Irresistible Athanasius, for 20 euros — a picture of her, with the 100 — the "glass ball with 3D-neighborhood of the stars" and, finally, for 1000 euros will issue a "passport stars" . Oh, yes, we must take.

True, we are a little late. Those who did order before August 6, gift relied Teton — artificially grown diamond photon. On the eve of the holidays past stars were altogether buy packs: 31% discount — no laughing matter. What can I say, it happened that the stars and for the coupons sold, as many as half the price:

Come up with a legend (it was on the eve of Mother's Day) and dial the phone number provided on the same site.

Entrepreneur Irina our call obviously pleased. It explains the conditions:

— Choose any magnitude, and give me the data: surname, first name, in whose honor want to name a star, the name you want to give, and in what constellation it for you to choose.

In any case, specify, whether now discounts.

— Now sales are good — No discounts — responsible Irina. — If sales are down, then there are some actions, but do not plan to.
Delivery of a certificate and card for Minsk paid — 30 000 rubles. But Irene and gives a reference point: Store "Globo" Dzerzhinsky Avenue. Somewhere "near" and you can get the finest gift. As money for a star can be transferred to the account.

— Tell me, is the real star? They really exist?

— Yes, you can then go to the home, the Moscow, the site directory and check. The catalog is under the patronage of the German Stepanovich Titov family, the late already.

— The catalog is valid only for Russia?

— No, no. He is an international one. Sydney is in office in New York — Worldwide has offices.

To the question, can I have their firm to buy a telescope to view the same-your purchase, Irina says that the company provides services only to register stars:

— We do not sell telescopes and binoculars. Telescope and binoculars can be purchased in any other online store.

It is worth noting that on the site vendors star names indicate that they are an online store are not. So after all, yes or no?

According to Irina, the chosen star "Place" for a day or two.

— Has an office in Moscow, which makes registration. They send me documents to email, print it out and I am giving you.

In support are willing to give me a certificate and two cards. States that I will be able to register in the catalog and check register my stars had before will pay.

In any case, specify whether the name coined by me to answer some kind of standard.

— I can come up with anything?

— Yes, you pay for that coin. You can name.

— Hey, well, for example, a very common name of Alexander. Maybe it has already been used?

— Yes, yes, it's better name.

Slowly begin to figure out what value is the directory in which to place the name of the star promise.

— Tell me where this directory is used?

— Girl, it is not used. This is a special directory that you created for commercial purposes, to be called a star.

— I looked up: the stars actually digital titles.

— Yes, and in the International star catalog, specially designed Titov, other names that we give.

— That is, the scientists directory has nothing?

— Has to do with a girl! Go, read, understand everything written.

— The International Astronomical Union has not called the star names …

— And we call it. Go to the site, there is an interview posted widow Titova. If you already have these people do not believe, I do not know what else to say.

Irina hurried and somewhat offended forgiven.

Enjoying a stellar saleswoman mentioned interview Tamara Titova, hosted at the It raises so many questions. Quality video over handicraft. Moreover, it seems that the old man just read the words behind the scenes and shows a sign in which hand-written names of sites to sell names of stars, diamonds grown from stellar photons and the juice of wheat grass …

Also at the Moscow site striking techniques traditional network marketing. For example, in the "partners" to anyone wanting to become a … offers a star agent.

"Agents of the International Star Catalog can be anybody client who has reached the age of majority and who made at least one order for the name of the star. It's enough to fill out a registration form at checkout star. After your order by e-mail you specify during registration, will be notified that you are … You, as the Agent Agent will earn commission points with each order, which came to form on your behalf. In this case, you have to do just fill out a form with your page. You can not withdraw (cash out) their commissions. You can use them to pay for the company in the future. "

Astronomers call this business usual quackery

In short, having a certain amount in your pocket, you can give the name of the star. Where the sum is greater than, the star, and more visible. However, as written in the Belarusian experts forum amateur astronomy, Belarus and so powerful telescopes that can see which other stars in the price, no.

Meanwhile, the star names now sold right and left. What do they think about the Belarusian scientists, the director of the observatory BSU Algirdas Grasshopper.

— Of international agreements, to name celestial objects can only be a commission of the International Astronomical Union.

— Can come up with such an initiative private people?

— It is excluded.

— Have you heard anything about an international star catalog of the Institute "Golitsyno-2" of the Ministry of Defense, referred to one of these sites?

— In the isolation of quackery — no, I have not. There are international catalogs of stars, they are well known. It catalogs used by scientists.

Algirdas Grasshopper listed the known conventional star catalogs: Bonn survey and compiled on the basis of his Keypskoe and Cordoba Ferris, Henry Draper Catalogue, General Catalogue of Lewis Boss, catalog Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory catalog of bright stars at the Harvard Observatory, the catalog positions and proper motions of stars. The same star can be several names, depending on the directory, such as star Betelge? Yze in the constellation of Orion, which in different directories has various names. However, the private intervention in the name of the stars, the more personal names is not allowed.

Algirdas Grasshopper says that the request to name the star even turned to the observatory BSU:

— The most curious case was like that. A woman came and said that she had heard that sell stars. She asked if we could help her make a gift — to issue a certificate with the name of the star. For decent money. We were told that we can not do it, because it's all fiction and has no legal force. She said she did not care — fiction or not, but there was a certificate that you can give … More was such: we have been asked to name a star in honor of a Belarusian writer. I said that the name of stars by the Commission of the International Astronomical Union, there and ask. The sad thing is that the people trying to make a gift, forget or do not even want to think that it is fraud.

By the way, the International Astronomical Union has expressed its official attitude to the subject in 2003: "As an international scientific organization, the IAU has nothing to do with the commercial practice of" selling "fictitious star names or" real estate "on other planets or asteroids in the solar system. Accordingly, the MAC does not support this type of activity, thriving in some parts of the world. " MAC representatives say that the only thing to be gained from such a deal, it's not a star, and "a piece of expensive paper and a temporary feeling of happiness, as if you drank a cup of tea instead of prescription medications."

How to cut a poor figure Moscow Planetarium

For comments, we got a call to Moscow, the capital of space power.

Lead researcher of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Samus sure star business — on the verge of fraud, but a little before him did not hold out.

— Astronomers believe that no one has the right to assign any personal names of the stars. This, in principle, would make itself the International Astronomical Union, but he does not. The more absurd to assign different stars the same name as in the so-called commercial catalogs repeatedly encountered. The question is: is this business friendly fraud or not? If you go to the site to anyone of these merchants and has a commitment that your name will appear in their catalog, it is not a pure fraud, because it really will appear in their catalog! However, what it will not use one of the professionals also guaranteed. And it is impossible to use it, because if there is Masha, Masha — in half the sky, how to distinguish? We, the astronomers, this activity is not very welcome.

According to Nikolai Samus, at first stellar sellers made serious blunders. For example, one ad presented the Russian newspaper "Center-plus" star, which does not exist. Deception revealed only by the fact that the newspaper published documents issued on the front page … Now companies are trying to give the names of at least those stars that there really is in the sky.

— Names are given only minor planets (asteroids), a crater on the planet, a comet. If you want someone to please name in the sky, which is acknowledged, the only way, refer to the discoverers of the asteroid, and ask them to get your name was given to an asteroid. The discoverers of asteroids have the right to propose names, including personal names. This led to the fact that many prominent astronomers have their own asteroids in the sky. But it's all official activities, and she, in theory, should not be applicable. It happens that the scientist, for example, opened Pshebylsky star, and scientists say "Star Pshebylskogo," but it's just talk. In official documents the star has a number and (or) the letter.

Regarding participation or non-participation in the strange business of the great scientist astronaut Moscow terse:

— Titov hobnobbed with these people, then he despaired and disappointed, now he's dead and no longer protect themselves. These are people who at one time were concentrated near the "Buran" space ship, which now stands on the embankment in Moscow in Gorky Park. The so-called international star catalog — this is purely a personal initiative, it stretched the known coordinates of stars from different sources.

Trouble with Daren stars explode when it comes to famous people. Two weeks ago in Moscow scandal erupted: the walls of the Moscow planetarium two actors presented certificates that testified in their honor to name a star in the sky. Astronomers have embraced this as an insult. "Purchase" the stars were a competitor of the International Star Catalog — by "RosAstro." The company develops its business on a large scale is even more than that he was working in Belarus. Besides star names, it sells more and telescopes. Catalog of celestial bodies "RosAstro" can be found even in print …

So, on October 25 in Moscow Planetarium held academic council, which will discuss how stellar charlatans were in a serious institution. According to Nikolai Samus, the precedent has violated basic way astronomers to counteract this phenomenon — non-interference. By the way, on a known resource news about what happened donation stars out under the "obscurantism".

Lunar waiting list

Here's what a website where you can buy as much — a site on the Moon:

Prices in Belarusian rubles. The plot of 1 acre on the visible side of the Moon, and is estimated at 800 thousand Belarusian rubles and 8,000,000. However, the lunar "ground" is a queue. At the very least, the dialogue appeared on the website "moon consulate" July 21, 2011.

Alexander from Lida asks: "I need to buy two sites in Mare Imbrium and that is where I specify. Is it real? Is there a guarantee that the site no one but me had bought and will not buy? You can guarantee I get? '.

Lunar Consul meets curiosity: "Alexander, sold land in turn. Select an area, unfortunately, can not. At the moment, for example, sales sites are near the sea humidity. All parts are sold only once. The company "Lunar Embassy" will ensure that your site will only belong to you and to anyone else again will not be sold. "

It must be said that the sale of lunar sites — already a world-class scam invented American Dennis Hope. However, it is well known that the resulting certificates can not be considered more than a souvenir, as they have no legal force (resolution 2222 (XXI) of the General Assembly UNOOSA, outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means).

It is worth adding that the sites of most firms, for example, to sell star names that we had to study in preparation of the material, causing a lot of questions, even an inexperienced reader. We think, check some of the "facts" that are relentlessly pose star traders, could even be the basis for the proceedings.

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