Forecast International released market forecast light combat helicopters

Forecast International released market forecast light combat helicopters
South American analytical center Forecast International (Conn., USA) published a review of the market of light combat helicopters, which analyzed the likely prospects and trends in this area from 2013 to 2022.

As South American specialists are waiting for the aforementioned period will be made about 1805 cars (weighing least 6.8 tons) of the total price of $ 24.3 billion. Analysts noted that the market was characterized by growth in the past few years, certainly enters a period of slowing or even recession. Over the next 10 years, the rate of production will be unbalanced, with alternating periods of boom and bust. But in general, Forecast International expects that the overall trend is still upward.

Demand for light military helicopters uniformly weaker in North America and Europe — regions that were considered the biggest consumers of these products. Current configuration programm U.S. military procurement-related budget cuts, as clotting fighting in Afghanistan can not influence the market.

Analysts believe that even if the U.S. will avoid the automatic budget sequester in 2014, the Pentagon’s military spending will still be uniformly lower. Demand falls not only in the U.S., and European countries whose governments are also busy neuvvyazkami economical. Opportunity for growth remains only in the Middle East and South Asia. According to a senior aerospace analyst Raymond Jaworowski Forecast International, the market prospects for the euro military helicopters especially dark after applets procurement AW159 Lynx Wildcat and Tiger deadlocked.

Forecast to Forecast International, the market leaders Lesco combat helicopters will be in the near decade of Eurocopter and Bell Helicopter. 1st — number of units sold helicopters, and the second — in their total price.

Forecast International provides market research on such fronts: aerospace branch, the military-industrial complex, the highest technology, energy and other analytical products company designed to assist company managers, military leaders and municipal officials in strategic planning and evaluation of the major trends of the market.

Alexander Polishchuk

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